Offensive Pick To Click: Tyreek Hill

One of my all-time favorite movie lines comes from Top Gun. Tom Cruise and his RIO (radar intercept officer) Anthony Edwards are walking away from their F-14 "Tomcat" when the Cruise character Maverick says, "I feel the need." Then together Maverick and Edwards' character, Goose, say in unison, "The need for speed."

Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy, we'll say call sign Bomber from his high school days at Midwest City; offensive coordinator Mike Yurcich, call sign Buckeye; and running backs coach Jemal Singleton, an Air Force grad and call sign Tornado, should all repeat that Top Gun line and do it in front of Tyreek Hill, call sign Supersonic.

Hill can give the Cowboys a big chance against a big, strong and still athletic Seminoles defense by cranking out some "home run" plays that get the attention of the Florida State defense. Everybody needs to remember that Hill is the fastest player in Division I college football and that makes him the fastest player on the field on Saturday night.

Oklahoma State has lots of formations and lots of ways to get Hill the ball in various open spaces on the field.

The best part of what I've learned about Tyreek Hill is that he is not only fast but he tough. He has taken carries in the backfield and come back for more even after being popped pretty good in scrimmages, although the truth is he moves too fast to get hit much or really ever get hit flush.

A little Hill can go a long way as any defense on the Cowboys schedule is going to pay attention after being stuck in his jet wash on a big play.

For a young offensive line and with a quarterback that can run and has improved in the passing game like J.W. Walsh, two other very talented running backs in Desmond Roland and Rennie Childs, and a vast variety of receivers including tight ends a little extra attention on Hill is sure to make big plays easier in all other locations and from all other playmakers in the Cowboys offense. Then after a few plays from all corners it will be time for number 24 to do it again.

That cycle is a recipe to possible success on Saturday. It is also something that could prove to make the trip to Texas a little more testy for Florida State's new defensive coordinator Charles Kelly. We can only hope and say once again, "We feel the need, the need for speed."

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