Hill: A Big-Time Playmaker, But Also A Decoy

There have been a lot of players make their Oklahoma State debut with lots of yards. On Saturday in the 37-31 hard-fought loss to No. 1-ranked Florida State, well publicized speedster Tyreek Hill had 278 all-purpose yards. He rushed for 44 yards on eight carries, caught six passes for 62 yards, returned six kickoffs for 140 yards and took back two punts for 32 yards.

The Cowboys also used Hill as a decoy on 95 yards of runs and pass receptions, including a 55-yard touchdown pass to David Glidden, who ran scot free behind the Seminoles secondary after quarterback J.W. Walsh pumped faked a flat pass out to Hill.

"It was just a little play-action pass and we didn't have to do too much," Glidden said. "The play was sold when Tyreek, who had got the ball so much in the game, the defense gonna bite on him because he is a great player. J.W. put the ball on the money and I didn't have to do too much."

"Tyreek is special and I don't know that there is another word to describe him," Walsh kicked in. "He is special and he made a lot of good plays and things happen for us in special teams and offense. I think he was the biggest catalyst for our offense to be able to get rolling and get going. It is fun to get him the ball."

It's safe to assume that Hill and his teammates understand just exactly how impactful he can be on the offense and this season.

"Well, we said all along in the summer and in the spring that he's fast," head coach Mike Gundy said. "People would ask how fast? Well, he's real fast because the guys chasing him out there (tonight) are real fast. He competed today. It's one game and he's got to do it the rest of the season. There were a lot of guys out there that were making plays but he definitely shows up with his speed."

"No doubt, first game and there is going to be jitters and trouble getting things going," Glidden picked up. "We always talk about that as an offense. That is a key thing and I think it was proven tonight that when we got rolling, it was pretty good."

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