From The Coordinator: Spencer Loves Effort

Oklahoma State Cowboys defensive coordinator Glenn Spencer is all about the process as he has prepared his defense to focus on each play. The emotion and fanfare of the game is important and he agrees needs to be soaked in, but in video study there is none of that. it is just the play or scheme and the personnel you will be facing.

Against Florida State, the Cowboys defended 71 plays. So instead of thinking of this Saturday as a second game -- and this one against a less glamorous opponent and an underdog in Missouri State -- Spencer sees it as defending play number 72, 73, 74, etc.

"That's our job as coaches, and we've got to get started on that," Spencer said to a group of reporters on Monday. "Last night we got started on that, and once we made the corrections on the field, the next statement was, 'It's over,' and we started showing them Missouri State plays.

"We've got enough core guys that have been around a lot that know that (the Florida State game) is over. It's all about next week. Hopefully, the core guys will get that message across and they'll get in today and watch tape on their own. They realize that in the world we live in, that if you're unsound, you're going to get ripped for a big play. Hopefully we, as coaches, can get that in their head."

Spencer was also a little surprised with all the praise and the hub bub over the Florida State game. It's still a loss in Spencer's book. However, he said he showed his entire defense two plays. One was an extra-point play late in the game where defensive tackles James Castleman and Ofa Hautau both fought their tails off to get through the line to nearly block the kick.

Hautau was also the star figure in the other play Spencer spotlighted.

"It was a really, really tremendous effort," Spencer said. "It all starts there, so we were pretty proud of them. One particular exceptional effort play I showed the whole defense as a group was the touchdown run off of (Jameis Winston's) draw play. Ofa (Hautau) sprinted about 28 yards like his hair was on fire, and that's a lot of hair. He's a 300-plus kid.

"That was an unbelievable effort. Out of all of the great plays during the whole game, I picked out that one to show them because if we can get everybody to do that, we're going to be OK."

Spencer and his staff may not have to show too much tape this week as Missouri State has even taken looks at the Oklahoma State offense in the past and some of what they see on Saturday will be some of what they see every day from their own offense.

"They're not a lot different than us, which is good," Spencer added. "They've got an athletic quarterback and a lot of zone, zone read schemes. They want to see what you're in and they adjust, so I think they do a good job of coaching from the sidelines and putting their kids in position to be effective. They're going to spread the field. It's both a run scheme and a throwing scheme. We respect everybody we play and we realize that if our eyes are bad, you give up big plays."

Missouri State also has three pre-season all-conference offensive linemen. However, this is now known pretty universally in college football, the Cowboys have a really good defensive line.

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