From The Coordinator: Yurcich On The QBs

Let's be honest here, Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy has a quarterback situation. Without mandatory injury reporting in college football, it is Gundy's best interest to keep the medical status and potential playing status of J.W. Walsh quiet and UTSA in doubt in preparation for Saturday's 6 p.m. showdown with the Roadrunners.

Whether Walsh's playing status can stay in doubt or whether likely social networking Walter Cronkites or Mike Wallaces report what Walsh's condition is, offensive coordinator Mike Yurcich said one thing is certain, the Oklahoma State offense will be balanced.

"We, as an offense, want to maintain balance regardless of who's at quarterback," Yurcich said. "We want to complement ourselves and J.W. (Walsh), a lot like Daxx (Garman), can make a lot of throws down the field.

"When you talk about arm strength, J.W. Walsh has a very strong arm, and Daxx has a very strong arm. They both have their strengths. Obviously, Walsh is a little bit better of a runner. The ability to play-action, throw your quick game, throw your drop-backs, and then being able to change your pace with tempo and be able to complement yourself is the key, regardless of what quarterback is in."

Yurcich made it clear that throwing the ball is the quarterback's first job.

"I think you play to your personnel strengths. From a recruiting standpoint, you're looking for guys that can compete and guys that win," Yurcich said in answering whether he prefers a quarterback that can run versus a pocket passer. "I think that's the most important thing.

"On top of that, it's what their attributes are. We want a quarterback that can throw the ball down the field, and then if he's mobile, that's a bonus. We're looking to throw the ball down the field and get the ball to the guys that can make things happen after the catch and hand it off to our tailbacks when they play cover two."

I might run the ball some on cover two. I definitely will run it on cover three and four. Now as for Garman's skill set, he does have a strong arm. His arm is stronger than Walsh's, who has improved with his outside and vertical throwing.

Garman can stretch the defense more vertical and horizontal than Walsh. He showed an example of that last Saturday with the throw across his body deep downfield with a lazer to Brandon Sheperd.

"That was a heck of a throw. He has the ability to spin the football very well, and that's just hip rotation, core body strength and timing from the lower body to the upper body," Yurcich confirmed. "Whether it’s a golf swing or throwing a football, that type of motion is really important to have, and the timing of that really separates really powerful throwers and really powerful golfers."

I'm not sure how good a golfer that Garman is, but he can throw it and Oklahoma State will need to take full advantage of his arm when he is on the field. There is a reason golfers pull "Big Bertha" out of the bag and that is to get the distance, so don't leave Garman out there swinging a seven iron or a wedge, Make the calls that pull "Bertha" out of the bag. Let the big dog eat!

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