From The Coordinator: Yurcich Is Mr. Positive

Oklahoma State quarterback Daxx Garman is the Big 12 Offensive Player of the Week but he has room to improve as he continues to shake off the rust of five seasons of game inactivity. Garman has been great on the deep ball, but he has work to do with the short and intermediate passing game.

"He has hit those in practice, so we have a lot of confidence that he can make those plays," Mike Yurcich responded on Monday. "He is a good throwing quarterback and he is accurate, so we have confidence in him."

That does mean he can improve and so can the offensive line. Head coach Mike Gundy was told in his news conference that running back Desmond Roland said the offensive line performed really well against Texas Tech. Gundy said, "That is a stretch." The head coach wants the run game better and says a lot of improvement can take place, and Yurcich agrees.

"I think there is room for improvement with every position on our offense," Yurcich said. "I mean that because we have good players and we have performed well at times, but every position can improve and get better."

Yurcich has been mostly complimentary of the offensive line and he lets Bob Connelly do his thing with those guys. Offensive guard Zac Veatch knows people are talking, and he says feel good.

"If one guy gets beat (on the offensive line) then we all get beat," Veatch explained. "I feel good about where we are going and what we are doing. I can see the improvement and I think we are going to get there soon and be more consistent."

It is not just the offensive line, but the entire offense can improve. That includes, again, Garman as his improvement can help the offensive line. Releasing the ball quicker and getting the short and medium passing games going forces the defense to cover more territory.

"He played pretty well for the most part. He made a couple of mistakes and turned the ball over early," Yurcich added. "We threw the ball down the field a bunch and he made some really nice throws down the field. He made a lot of good decisions. Everything was easily correctable.

"We look forward to getting back to work this week and ironing those things out to try to improve. The good thing is that he played well and he can play better."

As for Iowa State, Yurcich makes the Cyclones sound better than their 1-3 record, and honestly, they are.

"They are a very physical defense. When you put the film on, you can see that they enjoy playing the game very much," the Cowboys OC added. "They run after the ball very well and they are well coached. They're a very tough team. It's a normal thing that you are concerned with. They are a good defense. They pursue the ball very well and they try to strip it from you. They're very aggressive, so we just have to make sure that we're taking care of our business and taking care of the football. We are most concerned with how we play and our fundamentals."



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