OSU-Iowa State Matchups & Predictions

A year ago in Ames, Iowa this game was a real gem for Oklahoma State building confidence in the run offense overall and especially in Desmond Roland. The Cowboys rushed for 342 yards and Roland accounted for 219 yards and four touchdowns. But this is a game between different teams with different players.

Oklahoma State is on a two-week timetable to get the run game going. If the Cowboys can't do it against the Cyclones or Kansas then it will be difficult against the last six opponents, except for maybe Texas.

You always get supreme effort from Iowa State no matter what the situation, the records or the scenario. Iowa State wants to get back to a bowl game and falling to 1-4 would be a disaster toward that aim.

Oklahoma State not only needs to make hay or put hay into the barn because Iowa State and Kansas are the next two opponents but the Iowa State game on Saturday morning at the Boone is the third to last home game of the season. West Virginia for homecoming in October and the Texas game on Nov. 18 are the last two home games. The rest are on the road.

Matchups vs. Iowa State
Oklahoma State DE Jimmy Bean
vs. Iowa State RT Jake Campos
Iowa State's staff and the media that cover the team has been quick to brag on redshirt freshman offensive tackle Jake Campos, who is a giant at 6-7, 306 pounds. Oklahoma State also has a redshirt freshman starting at right offensive tackle in Zach Crabtree, who is also huge at 6-6 and 300 pounds. Too bad we can't put the two side by side and stage several "Cowboy drills" to decide who has the best freshman offensive tackle.

Crabtree will see Iowa State defensive end Trent Taylor, while Campos has the unfortunate task of dealing with the ultra athletic and powerful Jimmy Bean. Bean has 17 tackles, six for loss, 3.5 sacks, and two forced fumbles. This is a mismatch for the Cowboys on the defensive side. Bean should have a very disruptive day on Saturday.
Edge: Heavy to Oklahoma State and Jimmy Bean

Oklahoma State CB Ashton Lampkin or Ramon Richards
vs. Iowa State WR Allen Lazard
We're not sure whether Lampkin will play or not. He has been able to get back out to practice this week but has been limited. If Lampkin goes against the freshman receiver in Lazard, unless he is compromised physically, then he will have a strong edge on Lazard.

If Lampkin can't go and Ramon Richards jumps in then the matchup with Lazard, who plays the X-receiver for the Cyclones, will be very interesting. Richards played well coming in last week and Texas Tech can put pressure on a corner like no other offense. Lazard has made big plays, but both the freshmen will be looking for consistency, Richards a lot of stops and Lazard more than a couple of catches in a game.
Edge: Oklahoma State CB Ashton Lampkin or Even

Oklahoma State LT Daniel Koenig
vs. Iowa State Right DE Cory Morrissey
This is a really good matchup to watch as Koenig is more than solid. He is the only beast to this point on the Cowboys offensive line. Morrissey is one of the best defenders for the Cyclones, but he is an effort guy, one of those Cyclones that plays extremely hard and provides an example to the rest of the team.

Koenig has remade himself and is a major leader on the offensive line. I think Koenig will both overpower Morrissey and I also think he will be able to trick him some as Koenig is capable of mimicking some false looks.
Edge: To Oklahoma State and Daniel Koenig

Oklahoma State-Iowa State Prediction
Too much power, too much speed, and too much time away from the office this week as Oklahoma State athletic director Mike Holder was out of the office. No big deal, but in the suite and club levels you might want to curtail alcohol consumption early because this game may be one fans can leave early in the third quarter or even the fourth. Cowboys do open the running game and they really hit several passes deep downfield behind the safeties. Daxx Garman gets pulled in the second half, but who comes in? Mason Rudolph or a surprise.
No. 21 Oklahoma State 45, Iowa State 10

Big 12 Predictions
This Week
Saturday, Oct. 4
No. 7 Baylor 44, @Texas 14
Really, Texas players were talking smack saying, "Baylor is still Baylor, and Texas is still Texas." They were right, Baylor is still good and Texas is still trying to find their xxxxx.

No. 4 Oklahoma 31, @No. 25 TCU 27
TCU just missing enough offense to score the upset over Oklahoma, but the Horned Frogs sure put a scare into the Sooners.

@West Virginia 48, Kansas 20
West Virginia and Dana Holgorsen get revenge for a really devastating upset loss to Kansas last season. Kansas does show more spirit for new interim coach Clint Bower.

@ No. 23 Kansas State 38, Texas Tech 10
I don't think Davis Webb plays and the freshman Mahomes at quarterback can't get it done. He is not ready.

Last Week: 5-0 (straight up) / 2-3 (against the spread)
Season Total: 30-4 (straight up) / 19-8 (against the spread)
(Note: Not all games have point spreads as FBS vs. FCS games often don't.)

Last Week's Results
Thursday, Sept. 25
No. 24 Oklahoma State 48, Texas Tech 20
Actual Score: 45-35 Oklahoma State

Saturday, Sept. 27
TCU 52, @SMU 21
Actual Score: 59-0 TCU

@No. 25 Kansas State 31, UTEP 16
Actual Score: 58-28 Kansas State

Texas 24, @Kansas 20
Actual Score: 23-0 Texas

No. 7 Baylor 55, @Iowa State 17
Actual Score: 49-28 Baylor



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