Cowboys Move Up In Polls

A lot of people will tell you that today after the massive upsets Saturday in college football that the Big 12 has less of a chance to get a team in the inaugural College Football Playoff because the darling of pundits and highest ranked and regarded Big 12 team, Oklahoma, was upset in Fort Worth losing 37-33 to the Horned Frogs.

Truth be told, the smoking aftermath from upset Saturday in the form of the latest college football polls tell another story.

Baylor, which up until now had been behind OU in the polls, climbed all the way to third in the USA TodayUSA Today poll.

The beauty for the Big 12 is that they now have five of its conference teams in the top 25 of each of the polls. That compares to seven for the SEC; five or six (AP) for the Pac-12; three or four (USA Today), counting Notre Dame, for the ACC including top-ranked Florida State in each poll, and just three for the Big Ten in each poll.

Here is the way the Big 12 teams stack up in each poll:
USA Today Poll - Baylor-3rd, Oklahoma-9th, TCU-12th, Kansas State-16th, and Oklahoma State-18th

Associated Press Poll - Baylor-5th, TCU-9th, Oklahoma-11th, Oklahoma State-16th, and Kansas State-17th



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