From The Coordinator: Keep It Simple

Here at there have been posts regarding play calling on offense. I can remember there being a number of Oklahoma State fans that felt they could call better plays than Larry Fedora and many that felt Mike Gundy should have been front and center on the sidelines rather than back on that trunk plotting out offensive series.

I will admit there were very few fans that had disagreements with Dana Holgorsen over play calls, but Holgorsen had Brandon Weeden throwing to Justin Blackmon and Kendall Hunter to run the ball and catch out of the backfield. The Holgorsen playbook was simple and he had huge weapons.

Todd Monken was a genius the first season, but the Sunday morning quarterbacks had advice for him during his second season. Now in his second season, Mike Yurcich has plenty of volunteers out there to steer him straight on what he should call.

"You know I don't really know what people are saying because I try to stay out of it. I stay off Twitter, I don't listen to talk radio and I only watch the world news," Yurcich answered when asked if he thought that fans were giving too much credit to current quarterback Daxx Garman for being a junior and not enough concern for his lack of experience and the problems it can cause. "I don't really pay attention to what everyone is saying."

That is really a good way for an offensive or defensive coordinator to be, in both good times and bad. When things are going really well the fans will love you to death and when the side of the ball that a coach directs is going bad then the darts and the needles from the Voodoo dolls will be prickly.

I went into today's session with Yurcich questioning two things. One, is Garman getting too much credit for being farther along because he is a junior and does he have a really strong arm and ability to throw deep?

"There's room to improve," Yurcich said about Garman calmly as he reviewed last Saturday and his reads and throws. "It's something we have to work on on a daily basis. For the most part he's very good. The good thing, going back to last Saturday, is that he made some early mistakes but he was able to rally and make good plays in the second half, which is a good sign to be able to make plays after a sluggish start."

Second, what do you do while play calling to help an offense that has an offensive line that alternates between different guys missing as assignment or having a rough play but that one is enough to make a play go south instead of north or at home, east instead of west?

"I think you learn as time goes on, but I think anytime you can minimize the package it helps," Yurcich said. "I think you have to break it down and make our packages as small as possible so we can maximize our reps in practice. I think that will help our guys out tremendously."

Nobody is discouraged, not the coaches, not the players, and not Gundy. That doesn't do any good. Finding solutions and working to get better is the only recipe.

I might add that it is more fun to try to get better when your offense is averaging 39.2 points and 449.8 yards a game than it is when you are averaging less than 30 points and 400 yards a game. That club counts Kansas, Texas, and Iowa State in their membership.



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