Garman Will Only Get Better, Ex-NFL QB Says

Earlier this week, I interviewed former Notre Dame quarterback and Maxwell Award winner Brady Quinn. Quinn is now doing games for Fox Sports, and he was the color analyst on the Fox Sports 1 broadcast of the Oklahoma State Cowboys win over Iowa State last weekend.

This week he will work his first NFL game between Washington and Arizona. Quinn was a first-round NFL Draft pick of the Cleveland Browns and spent time with a variety of NFL teams, including Kansas City and just this summer in camp with the Miami Dolphins. He will be back on the college beat for Fox next week and could have the Cowboys game at TCU as Fox Sports 1 will have televised the Cowboys three weeks in a row.

Quinn was interested in checking out the Cowboys deep-throwing quarterback Daxx Garman last week and on my radio show relayed some interesting observations.

"One of the things when you are watching video on a quarterback and you are trying to figure out how he can be more accurate on his deep ball than he is on shorter throws you try to look for reasons," Quinn said. "Most of the time with a quarterback it comes down to foot work. In Daxx's case when you are throwing the ball down the field you are kind of in more of a relaxed rhythm and in control because you don't have to feel the pressure to get the ball out as quick. Most of the time you are able to make a relaxed throw.

"When you have a shorter or intermediate route, a lot of times you are working through a progression and you may end up throwing to your second or third read," Quinn continued. "Your first read, the guy may get there quicker than you anticipated and you have to figure out how to get your feet in position to throw to the receiver in the amount of time that allows you to throw the most accurate ball.

"I think with Daxx, one of things I noticed, especially in the first half, is that he is struggling to get into a rhythm with his feet. Some of those quicker throws could be more accurate, that slant that ended up being intercepted is a case in point. As the game went on he got into a better rhythm."

Quinn's observation may directly relate to the thoughts I've had on Daxx, that is after five years away from game action, just four games into being the quarterback at Oklahoma State, he is still adapting and shaking off some rust.

"When he was pressured, he seemed to do what a lot of quarterbacks do and not go through all of his mechanics like he would do if he were in a clean pocket," added Quinn. "As he continues to be the guy for the Cowboys that is going to go away and he is going to be more comfortable."

The former Irish star and NFL quarterback that one time won the AFC Offensive Player of the Week Award said he really hit it off with Cowboys head coach Mike Gundy, and he likes the job that he's done.

"I've got to say he is a huge reason why Oklahoma State has had so much success," Quinn said. "The experience he has as a former player and assistant coach he knows so well what he needed to do and needs to do to keep the program going in the right direction.

"He not only sees the field on game day but he is a smart guy and he gets it from the player's perspective, the coach's perspective, and he knows Oklahoma State so well. Every year now they seem to be a contender in the Big 12."



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