OSU-Kansas Matchups & Predictions

This is the final game in the recovery portion of the schedule following the opening showdown with Florida State. Initially, I thought Oklahoma State would need every game because the Seminoles might really throttle the younger Cowboys. That did not happen, but in game two against Missouri State starting quarterback J.W. Walsh went down with a serious foot injury and Daxx Garman took over.

Garman has done a good job but the team has needed every bit of that recovery portion of the schedule. Now it is time for the gauntlet, starting next week in Fort Worth against TCU.

Offensive coordinator Mike Yurcich said the goal Saturday is to win the game and work to get better in every phase on offense. He is 100 percent right on. The Cowboys need to improve, primarily on offense, before they take on the final half of the season and the six-game gauntlet.

OSU-Kansas Matchups
Oklahoma State running back Desmond Roland
vs. Kansas free safety Cassius Sendish
I list this matchup for two reasons. The first is in watching tape of the Kansas defense I kept having my eyes drawn to Sendish. I am a big fan of strong safety Isaiah Johnson, who came out of Iowa Western J.C. and their national championship team. However, Sendish is a big hitter and a sure tackler. I would love to see him have to make a lot of tackles on Saturday, especially on the OSU running backs.

So far safeties haven't had to do as much because the offensive line has had a hard time getting the defensive front blocked and backs have been hit too many times before reaching the line of scrimmage. Get Desmond Roland to the second level of the defense and it will be a very pleasant day in Lawrence. Like I said, I'd like to see Sendish coming up and making a bunch of tackles.
Edge: If the offensive line blocks well, it goes to OSU and Desmond Roland.

Oklahoma State center Paul Lewis
vs. Kansas nose tackle Keon Stowers
Stowers is a bull inside for Kansas. He is a big reason why middle linebacker Ben Henney has become a star and was a preseason all-conference performer. Stowers, at 6-3, 297 pounds, is quite capable of keeping the opposing center and often times the center and the guard to the shade side occupied.

If Lewis, who struggled with the big tackle from Texas Tech, can handle Stowers then it will be a good day running the football. Lewis is 6-3, 295, so size-wise this is a fair fight. Keep an eye in the middle because it will be very important against a Kansas defense that I fully expect will load the box and will throw its fair share of blitzes at Oklahoma State. Kansas runs that double eagle front and they do it well and will bring down whatever they need on the back end to create havoc with the offense.

Edge: Too Close to Call.

Oklahoma State wide receiver James Washington
vs. Kansas cornerback JaCorey Shepherd
Wait a second, throwing out a freshman wide receiver for the key matchup with the Kansas secondary? Yes, I am because right now the freshman is hot and showing that he can consistently make huge plays in the passing game. He also blocks really well. Blockers are being counted right now.

Shepherd is the guy they put on the other team's best receiver, and while it is not definitive, it is clear that Washington is one of the best. They will see each other and I like Washington in this matchup. Wind it up and throw it deep.
Edge: Oklahoma State and James Washington.

Oklahoma State-Kansas Prediction
The last two trips to Lawrence, Kansas have turned into nail biters for the Cowboys, but not this one. Kansas could create a slight tempest with this being the first home game for newly appointed interim head coach and nearly KU lifer Clint Bowen. Bowen could be like Gundy was in the beginning at Oklahoma State. Like Gundy, Bowen knows his alma mater well and has served as an assistant during the good times and the bad.

All that said, the OSU running game should be bad as the temperature is up a little. Not a lot of folks stirring at Memorial Stadium and Oklahoma State will use the game to build some confidence and momentum moving forward.

No. 18 Oklahoma State 41, Kansas 10

Big 12 Predictions
This Week
Saturday, Oct. 11
No. 11 Oklahoma 26, Texas 16

West Virginia 38, @Texas Tech 28

@Iowa State 31, Toledo 20

@No. 5 Baylor 35, No. 9 TCU 27

Last Week: 4-1 (straight up) / 4-0 with a push (against the spread)
Season Total: 34-5 (straight up) / 23-8 with a push (against the spread)
(Note: Not all games have point spreads as FBS vs. FCS games often don't)
I keep waiting to get a call to start my own 900 number and give out picks. I'm kicking the butts of some of these so called experts out in Vegas. This reminds me of the 2012 season when I was close to being this proficient most of the season and started getting calls from people that I did not know that wanted my selections each week. (NOTE: I do not endorse nor do I gamble on student-athletes. I do not believe it is ethical. It is also a violation of my contract with the Cowboy Radio Network.)

Last Week's Results
Saturday, Oct. 4
No. 21 Oklahoma State 45, Iowa State 10
Actual Score: 37-20 Oklahoma State

No. 7 Baylor 44, Texas 14
Actual Score: 28-7 Baylor

No. 4 Oklahoma 31, No. 25 TCU 27
Actual Score: 37-33 TCU

West Virginia 48, Kansas 20
Actual Score: 33-14 West Virginia

No. 23 Kansas State 38, Texas Tech 10
Actual Score: 45-13 Kansas State



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