OSU-TCU: Just The Facts

As Oklahoma State continues preparation for its trip for Saturday's matchup with 12th-ranked TCU there are a few things to consider. The general consensus on message board and on sports talk radio is that the Oklahoma State fans have joined right in with the predominant Oklahoma media and the Sooner fans in projecting doom and gloom for this weekend at TCU and through the rest of the 2014 season.

It's amazing to see OSU fans talking about their team and stressing the same viewpoint that OU fans preach on the Cowboys. Of course, after losing to TCU, Oklahoma fans are now singing the virtues of the Horned Frogs. OU fans still would like to see their team in the inaugural College Football Playoff, so they have to sell TCU as a powerful team.

Here are a few things to remember about TCU:

On the whole, TCU is fifth in the Big 12 in total defense (379.8 yards a game), fifth in rushing defense (139.8 yards a game), and eighth in pass defense (240 yards a game). In fact, OSU ranks ahead of TCU in some defensive categories and just behind in others. Offensively, TCU is ahead of Oklahoma State in most categories, but not by a whole lot.

Scoring offense and defense and scoring margin are important to me and here is how that lines up:
TCU: 45.8 points per game to 23 points allowed per game with a margin of 22.8.
OSU: 37.2 points per game to 24.7 points allowed per game with a margin of 12.5.

Now granted TCU has played Oklahoma and Baylor in its two previous games, but there are some scary tendencies, especially for a team that played a fairly light non-conference schedule. In those last two games TCU has allowed 1,243 yards and 94 points. The averages are 212 rushing yards and 409.5 passing yards for the last two games.

On the offensive side of the ball where the Frogs are averaging 510 yards per game and the previously mentioned 45.8 points, the last two fourth quarters have been of concern. TCU has a total of 87 yards and three first downs combined in those last two games in the fourth quarter. In the Oklahoma game they had no first downs and only 30 yards in the fourth quarter.

In fairness, last week in Kansas, Oklahoma State had just 31 yards and two first downs in the fourth quarter. Our numbers cut both ways. However, the most OSU has allowed on defense in any game this season is 512 yards to Texas Tech with 394 passing yards and 118 rushing yards. Defending national champion Florida State had 476 yards total offense with 370 passing yards and just 106 rushing yards.

TCU is a nine-point favorite, and should be favored. However, if you think OSU has no chance to win the game in Fort Worth on Saturday, I would say you are wrong. Look around, this is college football and the unpredictable is happening every week.



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