Cowboys Football: Offensive Line Analysis

With the Oklahoma State offensive line's trouble executing and the lack of production on offense over the last four games I thought it would be appropriate to put together an analysis of where the position group is from a talent and depth standpoint. I know there have been a lot of fingers pointed, including mine. The truth of the matter is there is plenty of reasons and blame to go around.

I do think it is hard to blame new offensive line coach Bob Connelly. Much as the recruiting season was over when he was brought in and the cast was pretty much set for him, leaving him with the spring and fall camp to come up with a productive lineup and two deep.

The truth be told, some of it is recruiting mistakes and decisions made by the previous offensive line coach Joe Wickline, who had virtual carte blanche in recruiting the position. Some of it was just bad football luck in the way of injuries.

Here is an analysis of who is here and how they would appear to stand at this point and who is not here for whatever reason.

OSU Offensive Line: Who is Here?
Left tackle:
Daniel Koenig: A senior that has been a multi-year starter and a solid performer.
Brandon Garrett: A senior still struggling with coming off compound fracture in last year's Cotton Bowl.

Left Guard
Chris Grisbhy: A senior from JC and has started 14 games the last two seasons.
Jack Kurzu: Redshirt freshman working to develop.
Colby Hegwood: A junior that did not play much last season coming out of JC with three years to play.

Paul Lewis: A sophomore that is a little undersized and has struggled some this season.
Brad Lundblade: A walk-on true freshman that alternated in the TCU game with Lewis. He had D-1 offers coming out of high school.

Right Guard:
Zac Veatch: A sophomore that is tough and a little undersized.
Jesse Robinson: Redshirt freshman that is working to develop and play.

Right Tackle:
Michael Wilson: A sophomore that has started last two games and is considered the third best tackle.
Zach Crabtree: A redshirt freshman that is huge and started the first five games this season before a leg injury.

Other Offensive Linemen currently in the program
Lemaefe Galea'i: A true freshman that is redshirting and projected to help at guard.
Deionte Noel: A true freshman that is red shirting and projected to help at guard.
Devin Davis: A sophomore that is a standout talent and was projected to start at tackle last season before serious knee injury. He is still working to be cleared.
Zac Hargrove: A junior walk-on that helps with scout team duties.
Jaxon Salinas: Redshirt freshman that is working to develop and could play at guard.
Matthew Mucha: A really talented true freshman that is rising fast through the OL ranks

Total OL on Roster: 17 (15 scholarship and 2 walk-ons)
There are 3 seniors, 2 juniors, 4 sophomores, 4 red shirt freshmen, and 4 true freshmen.

OSU Offensive Line: Who is no longer here?
Jake Jenkins: He would have been a senior and in his second full season starting at center and left because he was burned out.
Travis Cross: He would have been a senior that could play both guard and tackle and left and starts at Houston as a super senior transfer.
Grant Canis: Walk-on sophomore center that reportedly left the team last week after Lundblade was promoted.
Tevin Talton: He would be junior walk-on that left.
Hunter Higgins: A 2012 walk-on that left.
Eli Dickerson: A scholarship player that would have been a senior, but he left after 2012 season.
Greg Brantley: A scholarship player in 2012 who lasted a day and left.
Total OL Missing: 7 (4 scholarship and 3 walk-ons)



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