Pair Of Cowboys Arrested

Bill Haisten of the Tulsa World broke a story Monday afternoon that Oklahoma State sophomore wide receiver Jhajuan Seales and freshman cornerback Juwan Offray were both arrested by Stillwater Police at 4 a.m. Sunday as they had both fallen asleep in a vehicle at the Whataburger restaurant on Boomer Road.

The vehicle was in the drive-through lane of the restaurant and when encountered police made the determination that both players were intoxicated. Seales is 20 year old and Offray is 18 years old, so both are under aged as far as obtaining or consuming alcoholic beverages.

The police report indicated that Seales was the driver of a 2014 Ford Focus. The passenger reportedly was Offray. Offray also was cited for hampering an officer. The arrests occurred about 10 hours after the OSU football team was beaten 42-9 in a Big 12 game at TCU.

Haisten's report also noted a very unusual occurrence. That was that both men were asleep and the vehicle's engine was running and in drive with Seales’ foot on the brake.

In the police report, it states: “Both males were totally asleep and oblivious to anything going on around them.”

The police report further stated that the officers awakened Seales and Offray by knocking on the car windows. Seales and Offray “seemed very lethargic and confused” and “their eyes were red and watery with a glassy appearance. When Jhajuan opened the driver-side door. I was immediately overwhelmed with a very strong odor associated with an alcoholic beverage coming from the car.”

Seales and Offray both were released from the Stillwater jail at about 11:30 a.m. Sunday – Seales on a $149 bond on the public intoxication complaint, and Offray on bonds of $149 on the public intoxication complaint and $549 on the hampering complaint.

According to Haisten's report in the Tulsa World, Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy had not decided on punishment for either player.

Another source said that Offray, who had some other issues with the head coach, might be removed from the program. As far as we know, Seales has not had any previous discipline problems during his time at Oklahoma State.

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