2010, 2011 Recruiting Classes Were Deficient

Following Oklahoma State's 34-10 loss to West Virginia, radio play-by-play voice Dave Hunziker and analyst John Holcomb engaged in a conversation about the deficiencies in the 2010 and 2011 recruiting classes how those mistakes were costing the football program experienced talent. Those two classes would be the fifth-year seniors and the true seniors or redshirt juniors on the current squad.

Instead, those classes have come up relatively unproductive and somewhat empty while the previous three classes have been stronger and are the classes the Cowboys are currently leaning on.

Now they have made up for the lack of productivity in the upper classes with some walk-on contributors like Teddy Johnson, who scored his first touchdown of his career on Saturday and walk-on special teams standout Elliott Jeffcoat and punter/kickoff specialist Kip Smith. But those classes still have hurt the program especially for this season after losing a huge senior class last season and losing players like Joseph Randle and Josh Stewart, who opted to leave early for the NFL.

Here is a man-for-man look at the last five recruiting classes (going from 2010 to 2014):

2010 Signing Class (27)
Contributed and Graduated or Left Early (12)
Kris Catlin, LB - Played some but also had injury issues, started some games
David L. Collins, DL - Played a lot as a backup and got his degree
Lavocheya Cooper, DB - Played quite a bit while in Stillwater
Justin Gilbert, CB - Highly productive player who became a first-round NFL pick
Maurice Hayes, DT - JC signee that played some
Devin Hedgepeth, CB - Tremendous player that had injury problems
Deion Imade, DB/LB - Played four seasons and was a special teams captain
Jake Jenkins, OC - Started a season and a half, graduated and left early
Caleb Lavey, LB - 3-year starter at MLB
Shaun Lewis, LB - One of the best players on defense in recent seasons as a 4-year starter
Christian Littlehead, DT - Could be a category unto himself, played some but then booted because of off-the-field issues
Joe Randle, RB - Very good player that left early for the NFL

Contributed and/or Still on the Roster (2)
Daniel Koenig, OT - Red-shirt that is a three-year starter
Larry Stephens, DB - Injury forced him to red-shirt and starting this season except for more injuries

Non Contributors (13)
Gerron Anthony, OL - Never played at all
Johnny Deaton, QB - Left early and played at Northeastern State
Eli Dickerson, OT - Was a back-up that never really played
Chris Dinkins, WR - Never played much
Kevin Johnson, WR - Played some
Steve Maeweather, LB - Never played and wasn't around long
Malcolm Murray, CB - JC signee that never contributed
Montra Nelson, WR - Never was able to get playing time
Joe Okafor, DE - Never played much
Tommie Saunders, S - Never contributed
Nathan Sorenson, QB - Left early
Javius Townsend, OT - Team policy Issues
Diamonte Wheeler, DT - Not big or strong enough to really help

2011 Signing Class (26)
Contributed and Graduated or Left Early (5)
Travis Cross, OL - Backup that could play all OL positions that graduated and is starting at Houston
Alex Elkins, LB - JC signee that started and was briefly in the NFL
Lyndell Johnson, DB - Played a lot and had a year remaining but was booted off the team for violating team policy
Ryan Robinson, DE - JC signee that is playing in the NFL
Josh Stewart, IR - Played a lot and led the team in receiving for two straight seasons before leaving early for the NFL

Contributed and/or Still on the Roster (9)
Jimmy Bean, DE - Productive starter that red-shirted and is a junior
James Castleman, DT, 3-year starter that is still playing at a high level
Devin Davis, OL - Hasn't contributed as of yet because of knee injury but working to get back healthy
David Glidden, IR - Playing the best of his career right now and is a junior
Miketavius Jones, DB - On roster but has really only played special teams
Desmond Roland, RB - Starter that led team in rushing in 2013
Demarcus Sherod, LB - Lots of injuries and is backing up right now
Ryan Simmons, LB - Red-shirted and is a junior that is one of the leaders of the team
J.W. Walsh, QB - Injured but has played well when healthy and is a junior

Non Contributors (12)
Michael Bowie, OL - Suspended for team policy, finished elsewhere and now in the NFL
Torrance Carr, WR - Good athlete that had off-the-field issues
Matt Green, PK - Not very good and transferred
Jonovan Griffin, CB - Did not last long
Johnny Haynes, WR - Never played at all
Ashaad Mabry, DT - Left before freshman fall, starting at UTSA
Isaac McCoy, DB - Good athlete that had off-the-field issues
Isaac Masalera, DB - Another victim of violating team policy
Mike Mustafa, DT - Never really contributed before leaving
Nico Ornelas, LB - Decided to leave football after playing on special teams
Herschel Sims, RB - Talented, but off-the-field trouble led him to Abilene Christian
Alex Villareal, DT - Did not qualify academically but is starting at UTEP

2012 Signing Class (24)
Contributed and Graduated (2)
Calvin Barnett, DT - JC signee that was All-Big 12
Blake Jackson, WR - Played a lot until team policy issue

Contributing (14)
Trace Clark, DE - Playing a lot and doing well
Eric Davis, DT - Backing up at DT and playing some
Chris Grisbhy, OL - JC signee that is a senior and is starting at LG
Austin Hays, WR - Had a strong freshman season then injured but playing currently
Victor Irokansi, DE - Has been playing more in the rotation and has a sack this season
Seth Jacobs, LB - Currently starting at WLB and playing well
Ashton Lampkin, CB - Was starting until early season injury vs. Texas Tech
Paul Lewis, OC - Sharing time at center after starting the first six games
Emmanuel Ogbah, DE - May be the best pass rusher in the Big 12
Kevin Peterson, CB - One of the best at his position in the country
Jhahuan Seales, WR - Has played well and started but suspended for the WVU game for off-the-field issues
Brandon Sheperd, WR - Starting and playing a lot
Zac Veatch, OL - Currently starting at RG
Michael Wilson, OL - Currently starting at RT

Yet to Contribute (4)
Greg Brantley, OL - One of the more embarrassing offensive line recruits that made it one day of summer conditioning
C.J. Curry, WR - He has a couple of catches and is a good blocker but hasn't played much
Caleb Muncrief, IR - Has now switched positions
Blake Webb, IR - He has shown potential but injuries have backed him up

No Longer on the Roster (4)
Wes Lunt, QB - Started his freshman season and transferred to Illinois
Dominic Ramacher, FB/LB - Played some but decided to leave the sport
Jeremiah Tshimanga, DE - Forced out by injuries
Jesse Vester, WR - Never qualified

2013 Signing Class (22)
Contributed and Graduated (1)
Tyler Patmon, CB - Super senior transfer who is now playing for the Dallas Cowboys

Contributing (14)
Marcell Ateman, WR - Has great talent but is underperforming
Dawson Bassett, TE - Has moved over to offense but is a stalwart on special teams
Rennie Childs, RB - Has been injured but when healthy in the RB rotation
Zach Crabtree, OL - Starting at RT before ankle injury
Tre Flowers, DB - Starting at SS with Larry Stephens injured
Ben Grogan, PK - Has really kicked it in gear and has made 16 of his last 18 field goal tries
Ofa Hautau, DT - JC signee that is starting and you wish he had another season
Vili Leveni, DL - He is moving to playing inside and could be a Hautau or better DT
Taylor Lewis, CB - Has been playing on special teams
Jerel Morrow, DB - Came in as a corner and has found a home backing up at safety
Deric Robertson, DB - Injuries have hurt but he played special teams as a freshman and is backing up at safety
Ra'Shaad Samples, IR - Made a big special teams play vs. WVU and is playing more at slot
Jordan Sterns, DB - Starting at FS and had a career best 20 tackles vs. WVU
Vincent Taylor, DT - Back up that should start next season with his potential

Yet to Contribute (6)
Darius Curry, CB - Backing up but I think he will be a good player
Colby Hegwood, OL - JC signee that had three seasons coming in and is a junior
Ben Hughes, DT - Backing up at DT and should have a real shot to play later this season and into next season
Jack Kurzu, OL - Backing up and has yet to play much
Jesse Robinson, OL - Backing up and has yet to play much
Jaxon Salinas, OL - Backing up and has yet to play much

No Longer on the Roster (1)
Corion Webster, RB - Academically ineligible

2014 Signing Class (29)
Contributing (10)
Gyasi Akeem, LB - He is backing up at WLB and played vs. WVU
Josh Furman, LB - Super senior transfer from Michigan that is starting at star
Chris Hardeman, CB - Playing on a lot of special teams as a freshman
Dylan Harding, DB - Playing on a lot of special teams as a freshman
Tyreek Hill, RB/IR - JC signee that is big playmaker as returner, running back and receiver
Chris Lacy, WR - Has several catches as a freshman
Justin Phillips, LB - Injured but played a lot before injury and should be back
Ramon Richards, CB - Currently starting at cornerback
Kirk Tucker, LB - Playing as a backup and on special teams
James Washington, WR - One of the top receivers on the team as a freshman

Yet to Contribute (16)
Devante Averette, LB - He may have started if not for a spring knee injury and now will likely red-shirt
Jordan Brailford, DE - Red-shirting
Keenan Brown, WR - Red-shirting
Trey Carter, DL - Red-shirting
Jordan Frazier, TE - Red-shirting
Junior Galea'i, OL - Red-shirting
Josh Mabin, LB - Red-shirting
Matthew Mucha, OL - Red-shirting and showing huge potential for badly needed talent on OL
Deionte Noel, OL, Originally blue-shirting, but now red-shirting
Jarrell Owens, DE - Red-shirting
Sione Palelei, RB - Was going to play until preseason injuries and now red-shirting
Tre' Roberts, DB - Red-shirting
Mason Rudolph, QB - He is the current backup but he is red-shirting and is likely the future of the position
Zach Sinor, P - Backing up and red-shirting
Cole Walterscheid, DE - Red-shirting
Chad Whitener, LB - Cal transfer sitting out transfer season

No Longer on the Roster (3)
D'Nerius Antoine, LB - Never qualified out of Trinity Valley Community College
Juwan Offray, CB - Showed great promise and was playing but off-the-field issues got him removed from the team
Joyan Williams, DT - Suspended from the team in the summer for off-the-field issues



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