Pertile's Journey Leads To Stillwater

Late Sunday night back in Arizona where he is finishing up his junior college semester at Mesa Community College, Brandon Pertile reflected on his weekend visit to Oklahoma State. It started with his all caps and bold Twitter message on Friday proclaiming wheels up on his official visit to Oklahoma State.

Pertile's travels actually began back in 2012 when the 6-6, 295-pound lineman (today's height and weight) first signed out of Clearwater (Countryside H.S.), Florida, with Georgia Southern.

He left Georgia Southern and landed out west at Mesa C.C. and now is working back east to Oklahoma State. His visit assured him that his next leg of his college itinerary is locked in.

"I had a great time," Pertile said. "It was above and beyond anything that I thought it would be. Great is what it was. The facilities, the campus, the atmosphere, the roads, the street lights, it was all better than what I thought it would be."

Now, I haven't heard many recruits say the roads or the street lights, but then visiting on homecoming weekend is different.

"Oh yeah, it was crazy on Friday night with all the people and all the things going on," Pertile added. "It was pretty crazy."

The estimation on Friday was there were close to 85,000 people at the homecoming walk around. Pertile was in Stillwater until mid-afternoon Sunday before being driven to Tulsa to board a flight for Arizona. His hosts he told us were Zach Crabtree on Friday and then Zac Veatch on Saturday.

Of course, he spent time with offensive line coach Bob Connelly and with head coach Mike Gundy. Pertile said he would be back in January and he also discussed his rehab as he tore his ACL before the start of the junior college season in August.

"I'm kind of glad I injured it, I mean I'm glad it happened when it did in August and not later," Pertile explained. "The rehab is going really well (the injury was ACL only).

"I'm way ahead of schedule and I've been cleared to jog and run some. I will be lifting and even doing squats before I get there in January. I spent time with coach (Rob) Glass (on the visit). I was with him 30 minutes and we talked about things. I can't wait to get there because I love the weight room."

Pertile is one of four offensive linemen currently committed to OSU with Deya Mhiesen (Pierce C.C.-Calif.), Josh Jones (Richmond George Bush H.S.-Texas) and Johnny Wilson (Midland Christian H.S.-Texas) being the others. It is expected that the Cowboys will look for one more offensive lineman.

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