From The Coordinator: Offense Improving?

It may be hard to see without sitting in a meeting room or an office and staring at the video on the computer but I did the same thing on Sunday. The first half of Saturday's game showed that the Oklahoma State offense improved some. There is a long way to go but the head coach saw a few things that made him feel better.

"After watching the tape, there was a number of things that we were encouraged with," head coach Mike Gundy began. "Offensively, we were able to identify where we had one guy break down here or break down there, whether it was protection, a block, a throw or a route.

"For the most part, we had improvement. Daxx (Garman) was comfortable throwing the ball early. We ran the ball better and we were better at dealing with West Virginia's blitzes early and then they kind of settled down and didn't blitz as much. Late, we struggled throwing because they started dropping eight."

Offensive coordinator Mike Yurcich saw some of the same things, including Garman getting into some better rhythm in the passing game.

"I think there is a lot of room for Daxx to improve and he knows that and expects to play better," Yurcich added. "This week is a really important week for him to get better, give great effort. And we know he will because he is a great leader.

"His attitude is excellent and he has a great mind frame. Obviously, this sport can get you discouraged real quick and he has a very positive mental outlook on things and it's really good to meet with him every day to talk football, because he is a very poised young man."

He also agreed with a reporter that Tyreek Hill showed some improvement in the run game. Hill has the physical ability one could ever have, but he can improve in vision and decisions on where to take runs.

"There were some signs last week, plus a couple runs, but he is going to continue to get better with each game," Yurcich said. "Practice is one thing, but you go full speed in the game and you’re able to go with live ammunition. The more carries and game experience he gets, the better he is going to get."

After the 34-10 loss to West Virginia Yurcich kind of revealed his soul a little as he was showing more emotion in the post-game press interviews than he had lately. He pointed the finger at himself and his play calling.

He refuses, as any good coach should, to throw players under the bus, train, or plane. That stand includes the offensive line, which while showing improvement on Saturday, remains as big a piece of the puzzle of getting better for the offense.

"We are going to go with what we have, obviously," Yurcich answered. "We feel good with our personnel and we need to improve and work hard every week to get better."

It's not sexy and it's not very revealing, but if Yurcich were up there blaming the offensive line, blaming Garman, blaming any of the offensive players then he's really not a coach you'd want to have around.

If the offense will improve as much this week as it did last and if the defense gets Kansas State off the field then you might be surprised just how interesting your TV viewing would become on Saturday night.



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