K-State, Snyder Ready To Face OSU Offense

Ask some Oklahoma State fans and you'll hear that the offensive coordinator can't call plays, the offensive line can't block, the quarterback can't throw and the running backs can't run. There is a cloud of negative outside the program regarding the offense after experiencing several years in a row of spectacular numbers with points averaging 35 a game or more and yardage in the 450-plus category.

It started with Gundy's play-action option based offense and continued with the Dana Holgorsen Air Raid, the Todd Monken hybrid offense, and finally, the first year of Mike Yurcich. It's almost like Cowboys fans are humming "Bye, Bye Miss American Pie."

Don't tell Kansas State head coach Bill Snyder that the Cowboys forgot how to play offense because he ain't buying it.

"There is all that dialogue about Oklahoma State struggling on offense. Someone played very well defensively against them," Snyder said. "I think they have had some injuries that have impacted their offensive line and running back. I do not know if they feel like they have been playing as well on offense, but when I look at them, they look pretty good."

Kansas State cornerback Morgan Burns said he wasn't taking the week off following the shutout win over Texas that saw the K-State defense hold the Longhorns to 196 yards in keeping Texas scoreless for the first time since 2004. Burns said the Cowboys have players and, more critical to him, they have receivers.

"They always have great receivers on their offense," Burns said. "They have a lot of diversity on their offense as well. I think, defensively, just to be ready for anything.

"They will always be competitors regardless of what their record is or how their season has gone. They always have great athletes and high recruits on their team. I know they have had some issues with injuries this season. I think just expecting the best team and the best that they have will be a smart thing for us to do on our part."

OSU inside (slot) receiver David Glidden knows that in Kansas State the Cowboys get the most squared away team they will face all season. Kansas State typically makes less mistakes because their head coach demands perfection, and because he does, he usually gets something fairly close.

"They're a very disciplined team and everybody knows about coach Snyder, and I think, if I had to guess, the one thing he preaches is discipline," Glidden said.

Now remember Kansas State is coming off a shutout, a rarity in college football these days. And while Snyder was happy about it and complimentary of his defenders after the 23-0 win over Texas he is not about to let it go to their head with Oklahoma State heading to Manhattan for that ABC televised game on Saturday night.

"Like I have said so many times, we have not been as consistent as I have liked," the venerable head coach said. "We have played well, we have played extremely well, but we have had to improve. We played extremely well when we had to against Oklahoma. We made plays when we had to, but we still gave up a substantial amount (of yards).

"I am hoping to maintain some consistency throughout. I think our coaches, staff and players want the same thing. I think the characteristic of our defense is that we are very sound in what we do. The players are very good about where they are supposed to be the vast majority of the time.

"They are doing what they are supposed to be doing. There is a discipline that is very consistent. It is important in our program, and certainly when we are playing defense. I think, fundamentally, we have just gotten better and better. I think there is a tough-mindedness that permeates the vast majority of the defense."

I don't know about the Wildcats defense, but I do know there is a tough-mindedness that permeates the Kansas State head coach.



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