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The popular topic with Big 12 football coaches is Kansas State's Bill Snyder. Snyder is on the ballot for the College Football Hall of Fame as coaches can be on the ballot while still active. That is a good thing because Snyder, who retired once, may not retire again. He certainly isn't slowing down at the age 74, as his team is 6-1 and ranked ninth in the College Football Playoff rankings.

Mike Gundy was asked about Snyder in his Monday news conference and how much he knows about the legendary K-State coach that he has a 4-2 win-loss record coaching against.

"Well, I can say I know him somewhat or fairly well from conventions, Big 12 meetings and listening to him in the same room with a group of people," Gundy said answering the question. "I don't really talk to other people in this profession very much, and I don't know that he hangs out a lot, but as I've said each year, I have a lot of respect for him.

"You can go back to what (former OU coach) Barry Switzer said when he said he was the coach of the century at one time.

"It's a challenge for me, as a head coach, and for our staff against them," Gundy continued. "It's interesting, the game hasn't changed much for them. They have a plan on offense, they have a plan on special teams and they have a plan on defense. That's what you get."

On a teleconference Wednesday, former Texas head coach and now ESPN/ABC studio analyst Mack Brown said when other guys were winning six or seven games at best at Kansas State that Snyder making the Wildcats one of the best programs in college football easily qualified him for Hall of Fame status. Brown called him the "Silver Fox" and said the K-State head coach sat back and listened at coach's meetings and learned while rarely giving away his secrets.

Snyder was asked about Gundy and what he has done at OSU. His answer there wasn't all that far from the answer Gundy gave on Snyder.

"I have not really thought about it other than he is a very fine coach and has a very fine staff," Snyder said of Gundy. "What they do offensively and defensively is very sound. They have done a nice job of being able to play the talent and coach to the talent that does exist in the program, playing to the strengths of the players that they have in the program."

Snyder couldn't help but overdramatize the matchup his defense and special teams will have with speedster Tyreek Hill. Hill was at Garden City (Kansas) Community College, where he was coached by a former Snyder player, so some of this might be a little angst about not having a chance to get Hill to K-State.

"He's the fastest man in the world, that's probably what makes most of it happen," Snyder said when asked about how Hill makes the big plays on returns and in the offense. "He has world-class speed. He can run. He doesn't need another one (skill set). You just give him the ball and he out-runs everyone that's on the field. That's pretty simple.

"He can play in the backfield and he can play as a wide receiver so he can catch the ball. He's a good player, he's awfully fast, and he's versatile enough to play multiple positions."

Fastest man in the world? Not sure about that but Snyder darn sure may be the craftiest head coach in Division I college football. I don't know of any other coaches that are coaching their teams in a stadium named after them.



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