Mays Talks Championship Game, Visit To OSU

We had the chance to speak to East Mississippi quarterback/athlete Todd Mays on Monday as he was interviewed on Triple Play Sports Radio and Sportstalk with Robert Allen and Friends.

The 6-0, 200-pound Mays was 2-of-2 passing for just 9 yards and he rushed 7 times for 41 yards and also caught a pass this past weekend as East Mississippi Junior College defeated Mississippi Gulf Coast.

He confirmed that size and said he runs a 4.4 in the forty. Those are modest contributions based on what he has done most of the season. He committed to Oklahoma State last Monday over offers from Mississippi State, Southern Miss, Missouri, Memphis, and others.

Here is the transcript from that interview:

You and your teammates at East Mississippi (10-0 and winners of 22 straight games) won that semifinal game on Saturday over Mississippi Gulf Coast 45-21. That was a big win in a big matchup that I bet got a lot of attention.
Mays: Yes sir, that was a pretty good game and they have a good team. We started out a little slow but once we got to rhythm and rolling then it is hard to stop us.

You play a little quarterback every game and the guy you sub for has a pretty famous last name. Chad Kelly, who transferred from Clemson, is the nephew of former Buffalo Bills and NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly. What have you learned or gained playing with him?
Mays: You know Chad is a great competitor and he has came in and helped this team out a lot, you know. I was going to be the star quarterback coming in this year and with him coming in that helps us with depth and allows me playing time at different positions and show what I can do. I think his coming in allowed me to showcase my ability at different spots and, like I said, he is a good player, good team player and I'm glad he's on my team.

Now he can't beat you on completion percentage because I'm not thinking anybody can. You are 15-of-16 passing on the season.
Mays: (laughing) In the drives that I do get in at quarterback I just try to take advantage of the opportunity.

You start at running back and also play quarterback and some receiver. When Oklahoma State's Mike Gundy called to recruit you it seemed you locked in on OSU pretty quick and you had other offers. Why is that and what did coach Gundy tell you?
Mays: You know coach Gundy called me and he just said he was really interested in me and the position he wanted me to play coming in was quarterback. I played quarterback out of high school and I went to Arkansas State and coach (Gus) Malzahn (then ASU head coach) moved me to defense and I decided to transfer. I was more comfortable playing on offense. And you know when coach Gundy called me to tell me he wanted me to play quarterback then I was excited about that. I feel and I believe I can play the position at that level.

How much better a player are you after playing running back and receiver? How does that help you back at quarterback?
Mays: It has made me a better quarterback because from playing the other positions I know better where they will be on the field depending on what the routes are or the plays. It opens up a lot more for me playing other positions and putting it on film what I can do at a lot of positions. That is another type of advantage, my versatility.

You now play Copiah-Lincoln in the Mississippi J.C. Championship Game. They beat Northwest Mississippi 44-30. Did you play Copiah-Lincoln in the regular season.
Mays: Yes sir, we did. We beat them 46-10.

You don't want to be overconfident this Saturday, do you?
Mays: Yes sir, but I do believe we will make it happen again.

If you get this done then you will get a chance to play in a national championship in a bowl game, maybe against unbeaten Trinity Valley in Texas. Have you heard about that?
Mays: Yes sir, I have heard about Trinity Valley and Iowa Western, and those are the only two teams that I have heard about playing in the national championship.

What are you looking for as you get ready to make your official visit when Oklahoma State plays Texas on Nov. 15?
Mays: I'm anxious to meet the coaches and see the atmosphere at Oklahoma State. My coaches (at East Mississippi) were telling me Oklahoma State is a great place to be at and the atmosphere looks fun and that is what I am looking forward to seeing all the people and being out there.



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