Lawton Has Some Talented Prospects

Just some wrap up after watching Lawton clinch the district championship in Class 6AII-2 over Choctaw on Friday. We posted a story about All-American lineman Jalin Barnett, who said he is visiting Oklahoma State officially to go along with Arkansas, OU, and Oregon State. Barnett made his official visit to OU the next day, and that had to be interesting following Baylor's 48-14 win on Saturday.

Now among the rest of the Lawton squad, which is packed with talented athletes, I found the quarterback an interesting prospect. Jack Meservy posted a 29 on the ACT and some folks feel he will take it again and score higher. The 6-2, 190-pound quarterback has a nice arm and is very accurate, along with having a strong wing.

Lawton receiver Kalin Sadler scored the opening touchdown on a 75-yard touchdown pass right down the sideline on a perfectly thrown ball from Meservy. Junior speedster Marcheenan Hair later caught a 48-yard pass that was all through the air to set up another score. On the night Meservy completed 14-of-17 passes for 273 yards.

"We came out going into the game plan and we knew they were going to play a little softer on us and we went out and took what they gave us," the senior quarterback said. "That first play they left an extra linebacker in the box and I just nodded at Kalin and told him to get there and it worked."

Meservy, who may be the best unknown senior quarterback in the state, does plan on playing college football and right now it looks like it will be Ivy League all the way.

"You know other than winning a state championship and I'd like to get all these guys (teammates) a ring, I want to play college football somewhere," Meservy added. "I went to several Ivy League camps over the summer and threw well there. I continue to get looked at by Yale, Cornell, and Penn and another small college in Middlebury (Ct.). Right now it is still undecided for me."

Everyone knows about running back and cornerback prospect Darreyl Patterson as the senior speedster will play somewhere based on how he gets his test score and transcript in order. He ran for the bulk of the Wolverines 260 yards in the game, although sophomore Tre Vurry came in to score three of the touchdowns and the 6-0, 196-pound sophomore is a prospect to keep in mind for the future.

The cornerback opposite Patterson in the secondary is Mikal Thompson. The 6-0, 150-pound senior is a real find for anybody as a cover guy with ball skills. He caught several passes from Meservy on offense, but it was the two picks he got on defense intercepting Choctaw quarterback Jonah Llanusa that were more impressive.

On one, Thompson came within an ankle tackle of getting to the end zone for a pick six. He is really good at reading the receiver and the quarterback and excellent at positioning himself to get the ball.

"One was pretty easy but the second was good coverage all around and I just made the play," Thompson explained. "That is our main goal is to get the stop and when we can go get points."

Thompson, with Patterson, Sadler, and the big lineman Barnett around him, is not getting enough attention. I think this guy is also a Division I prospect as a corner.

"I'm not sure right now," Thompson said of his future. "I would like to play college football somewhere. I'm getting some looks, nothing really major."

It should be. Thompson is thin at 150 pounds but his frame is legit at 6-0 tall and he will be able to fill out. Corners are too valuable to have to pass this guy over.

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