The Gundy-Florida Coaching Watch

I'm being a little facetious but there was no report of air traffic from Florida landing at Stillwater Municipal Airport and no sightings of Florida athletic director Jeremy Foley. Oklahoma State athletic director Mike Holder has not received a call from Foley or any other representatives of the Gators to ask for permission to speak with Mike Gundy about the Florida football job.

I was informed by an OSU athletic administrator that people have quit doing that courtesy. If they want your coach they just come and get him unannounced. Although Foley told the media in Florida on Monday that he will be above board and will not fly under another school's radar in pursuing their coach.

"We have not contacted anybody," Foley said. "I don't care what's been written or said, rumored, what have you, I have not talked to one coach. We will not disrupt people's seasons.

"We have a lot of respect for other schools and other programs and what certain schools are trying to accomplish and we have a little time here to do our research but we're not going to disrupt people's seasons. As we've always done around here but I want to make sure this is understood by everyone, we will handle this the right way."

"I think Gundy is the perfect candidate. I don't know if he is the number-one perfect candidate but I believe he fits every part of the profile that Foley talked about in wanting in a coach." – Bob Redman

Foley was quoted in several stories as saying he wants to have his man hired by Christmas. It was Sunday that Foley informed Will Muschamp that he would no longer be the head coach of the Gators after, by his choice, finishing the end of the 2014 football season.

"We understand how important this hire is for this university," Foley said to the local media. "We also understand the pride of the Gator Nation and we understand the pride they have in this football program. And because we have fallen short the last several years we totally understand the disappointment and their frustration. It's an amazing place and we want to make this decision right for them, this program and this university."

When asked what he is looking for Foley said the new coach must possess "high integrity and character" and must be "a coach who has a track record of success on the offensive side of the ball."

Bob Redman, an editor/publisher for and, appeared on my radio show today and described Gundy as the perfect candidate.

"I think Gundy is the perfect candidate," Redman said. "I don't know if he is the number-one perfect candidate but I believe he fits every part of the profile that Foley talked about in wanting in a coach. He is younger, he is offensive minded and that has to be a key thing here. It can be a defensive coach that has proven he can have a wide open offense and that is what he (Foley) wants.

"The fact that Gundy is an offensive coach makes it better in my opinion. He has won at that level and he has a tree of coaches that have come from under him that have flourished in the NCAA elsewhere. I think there is a lot to like. I know this has not been a great year this year and I don't know all the reasons for that. I'm sure there are a lot of them. I think he is a perfect target for Foley to go after."

Redman agreed that Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops probably gets the first phone call and first right of refusal. Yes, Stoops has already said he is not interested, again. However, has anybody else noticed that Stoops is a little bit edgy these days.

Charlie Strong at Texas is a five-time Florida staffer dating back to his first college job as a graduate assistant. He loves to recruit Florida. Redman said Gary Patterson at TCU would be a fit too. He also listed Todd Graham at Arizona State. Mark Hudspeth of Louisiana-Lafayette would also be a candidate. As for a coordinator, Redman felt Clemson offensive coordinator Chad Morris might be the only assistant that would make Foley's list at Florida.

Redman also said that while Foley will be above board, he will not be visible to the media. This will be a search orchestrated by he and his staff. There will not be press releases on how the search is going.

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