Is Gundy Wanting To Go To Florida?

There was some discussion at the back of the Oklahoma State team plane over internet reports that came out during the game that Mike Gundy was using back channels to make sure Florida athletic director Jeremy Foley, who is basically a one-man search committee, knew he was interested in becoming the Florida head coach and succeeding the recently forced out Will Muschamp.

Locally and direct, Gundy has not commented on the Florida job even after Las Vegas specialty book, Bovada, listed him as the 4-to-1 favorite to get the job.

Gundy, who is 82-44 in his 10th season at his alma mater, is in the midst of a rebuilding season and working to pull his team out of a five-game losing streak.

Lately, he has had comments from super booster Boone Pickens shoved in his face, had a feud with a pair of newspaper columnists reach frustrating points, been attacked verbally and constantly by a deranged radio host, and seen a vocal minority of fans exercise their use of the internet to take the shots often seen by coaches in a rebuilding season.

In actually trying to run down whether the internet reports out of Florida of Gundy "back channeling" his campaign to get to Gainesville are true, we've had no confirmation.

"I've tried and come up with nothing that confirms that Gundy is pushing for that job," one national college correspondent said Sunday morning.

Of course, internet reports are not always reliable and during any coaching search there are all kinds of people out there saying all kinds of things.

Obviously, I'm around Gundy and the program a lot. As we were walking out of McLane Stadium to the buses after Saturday night's game. I was walking with Gundy, his oldest son Gavin, and his Oklahoma Highway Patrol security detail John Vincent. Gundy was in a decent mood and was joking about fans wanting to confront him.

His post-game interview in the coach's locker room with us on the radio network was evidence his mind is on making this team better right now and not necessarily working to get to Florida in order to coach up the Gators.

After making several other phone calls I also can find no confirmation of a Gundy campaign. However, the job is a good one and one that could be quickly turned around in a conference that get you a high level of attention and notoriety.

On the other end of the spectrum, Gundy and his family are in a Stillwater home they custom built as their dream and they have built up quite the working ranch with two big barns, chickens, goats, sheep, mules, dogs, and turtles. Both Gundy's family and his wife Kristen's family are here in Oklahoma. One son, Gavin, is a senior and ready to head to college next fall, while Gunner is currently in seventh grade and Gage is in fourth grade.



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