Is Gundy Preoccupied Or Recruiting?

I'm going to excuse the Oklahoma State coach and give him a pass on the Big 12 teleconference from Monday as his program gets ready for the final regular season game against rival Oklahoma at 2:30 p.m. Saturday.

Gundy has always been an opponent of playing a game the first week in December when all other schools that are not playing are on the road and in the homes of recruits. This is the first week that Division I coaches can be on the road and in the homes of prospective recruits.

Gundy and his staff took advantage of the Monday day off for players and hit the road recruiting. In fact, Gundy after trying to get to Mississippi to see both East Mississippi Community College quarterback/athlete commit Todd Mays and offensive line standout and offered recruit Brandon Hodges he turned his attention to McKinney, Texas to be in the home of prize running back commitment Ronald Jones II out of McKinney North High School. Weather apparently kept Gundy from getting into Mississippi.

The Cowboys head coach still had to keep up his appearances with the Big 12 Coach's teleconference. The most surprising answer of the session with Gundy came when he was asked if he had made a decision on starting quarterback for Bedlam. I know there is gamesmanship but after pulling the redshirt on freshman Mason Rudolph and seeing the way the offense showed more spark than they had in a month with him leading the way, I cannot see how anybody except a healthy J.W. Walsh (that's not happening) would start other than Rudolph.

Gundy answered the question with mystery. "No, we're going to make a game time decision," he said when asked whether Rudolph or Daxx Garman would start against OU.

"His practices has been very similar with the reps he's getting and he was getting a considerable number of reps throughout the season while he was the backup quarterback," Gundy added on how he has looked in practice. That's really kind of another no answer and then he did dish out some praise on how Rudolph handled his first start at seventh-ranked Baylor in the 49-28 loss.

"I think so just from being out on the field and seeing the adjustment it takes from high school to college football," Gundy said in the confidence Rudolph gained. "Yes, we thought his poise was excellent and we thought his leadership and toughness was good in that game."

A number of the other questions received just "plain Jane" answers from the Cowboys head coach such as how practice went in the open week.

"We had a good week, three practices and I think they were excited about being out there," the Cowboys head coach said in a monotone delivery and also answered whether OSU fans would rather go to a bowl or beat OU. "I think it kind of ties together and I think the fans and the players want to win the game and certainly be eligible for a bowl."

Gundy will have his own news conference on Tuesday after being on the road recruiting on Monday. His news conferences have been good most of the season and we'll see what kind of mood he is in coming off the road from recruiting. Hopefully, a good one as it might be a sign that things went well with Jones in McKinney. That is a recruiting battle the Cowboys need to survive as Jones is a potential difference-making running back for the program.



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