Bedlam Press Conference Was Bizarre

When your team opens the season playing Florida State, then goes on a five-game winning streak followed by a five-game losing streak, and in the midst lose your second quarterback, and have to bust the redshirt on a true freshman quarterback, it's been a weird season. However, it got weirder on Tuesday as Mike Gundy was unlike I've ever seen him, and I've known him since he was 16 years old.

Gundy did not do anything just unbelievably bizarre but he sure wasn't himself. His eyes were bloodshot and he appeared tired. He was more unresponsive to media questions than at any time this season, except for the postgame press conference at Baylor.

Gundy started with a summation of the activity since the last game, but then when the questions started he was evasive on many and didn't answer others.

Asked who would start at quarterback, he stayed with the same answer he gave on the Big 12 Conference coach's teleconference on Monday. "We’ll make a game-time decision on which quarterback that we end up playing," Gundy answered. "One that we feels like gives us the best chance to win based on this week’s practice."

I would say that Mason Rudolph has to be the starter as he earned it in Waco, Texas operating the offense the best it had been operated since the Texas Tech win back on Sept. 25.

Rudolph wasn't mistake-free but it was obvious he inspired confidence in his offensive teammates. He impressed veterans like Jeremy Seaton.

"He came in, commanded and acted like he had been there all season," Seaton said of the freshman quarterback. "He really treated himself like he was a veteran and had a strong sense of authority. He definitely stepped up for the game, and I was really impressed with him."

Pressed further on the quarterback decision and how or why it would be made, Gundy put on the brake. "I would never talk about personnel decisions that we make, publicly," he said.

Asked about the recruiting process involving Rudolph and whether current offensive coordinator Mike Yurcich was the lead recruiter that evaluated and brought Rudolph to the attention of the staff and Gundy (he was), Gundy answered, "We’ll never talk about recruiting process, personnel decisions or injuries."

There is no doubt that Gundy was upset over the news of Garman's concussion symptoms getting out and the high probability that Rudolph might play prior to the Baylor game. It leaked out of practice and Gundy takes seriously, as he should, team news and information staying within the team. It is hard to do in this day and age of cell phones, internet, and social networking.

Gundy's anger over that situation may have manifest itself the most in this answer when asked if Rudolph gives OSU (a heavy underdog) a puncher's chance to win? "I’m not going to discuss who gives us the best chance to win and/or why," Gundy started with his voice growing louder. "Why do we huddle up then? Why don’t we just tell them our plays? I just don’t see any value in me talking about strategy. Why or why not one player’s better than the other?"

It went on for 26 minutes and was never very informational or cordial. There was one moment of levity when Gundy was asked about OU running back Samaje Perine. Gundy praised Perine as a very good football player but questioned if his coaching was poor, a good-natured dig at his brother Cale, the running backs coach at Oklahoma.

Overall, it was a very strange press conference and one that had reporters looking at each other with weird looks quite often throughout.



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