From The Coordinator: Yurcich Likes Rudolph

I know this opinion will not be popular as the buzzards have been circling for a long time on Mike Yurcich. Many Oklahoma State fans have voiced the opinion that "he's in over his head," that Cowboys coach Mike Gundy "hired him because nobody would come after him" after a season or two, and that it's obvious based on this season that he's not nearly as good as Todd Monken or Dana Holgorsen.

I'm not saying that Yurcich is but I sure liked what I saw out of the offense much of his first season, and that was a season of transition in personnel. This season was much more of a transition and losing the veteran and best quarterback for the offense in J.W. Walsh in the fifth quarter of football of the season sure wasn't Yurcich's fault.

My opinion is I loved the way Yurcich prepared freshman Mason Rudolph for his first collegiate start on the road at seventh-ranked Baylor. He had a good plan for Rudolph to grasp, ease into, and gain confidence as the game wore on.

Yurcich did not put Rudolph in any really bad situations in terms of predictable calls based on down and distance. As a reward, Rudolph came out from the Baylor game having impressed his teammates and ready to take a bigger step in his development in Bedlam.

"He did a good job of maintaining poise. Being on the road like that for the first time in the Big 12, he didn't really know what to expect," Yurcich explained. "We knew that he was a confident young man, but to see it in the lights was a really good thing."

Told that veteran fullback/tight end Jeremy Seaton said he hardly thought of Rudolph being a freshman in his first start based on his demeanor, Yurcich was glad. "It's good," he said. "You sure as heck want to gain the confidence of your teammates and he has done that."

The challenge is great again on the road Saturday in front of a rival and their 80,000 fans. The OU defense is solid, especially the front seven.

"They're good. They get up the field, they have linebackers that can drop back and rush," Yurcich said when asked about the OU defensive front. "They can go man, they can go zone. They do a good job of mixing things up from a personnel point."

Mike Gundy is not committing as to who will have the job of reading that defense and making on the field decisions on attacking it but I believe it will be that cool and collected freshman Mason Rudolph.



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