Bedlam Emotions Are Real For Cowboys

Oklahoma State senior fullback and former walk-on Teddy Johnson is a good one to read on emotions. Johnson is not a native Oklahoman as he played his high school football in the North Texas area at a strong football high school in Coppell. He may be from Texas but with two parents that are alumni of Oklahoma State, so he might as well be from Oklahoma.

As a Cowboy, Johnson has played on defense, played a heavy role on special teams, and is now helping out on offense, where he got a huge first down in the Baylor game and he also caught a touchdown pass in the West Virginia game (see the photo above).

"This game is very special. As far as preparation, we aren’t straying far from what we usually do," Johnson said about Bedlam preparation being any different. "We’re watching film and figuring out what we can take advantage of and what we need to look out for. Nothing too different. We’re doing what we’ve been doing."

Bedlam is a game that can make heroes of players like Johnson, who are capable of making a big play that helps win a game against OU, especially in a year like this OSU team has had, and you can make a legend for yourself forever.

"You can look around and tell the demeanor of people by looking in their eyes. We do know that this game is big and I can see the fire in a lot of their eyes, especially the seniors because this is their last opportunity to go out there and show themselves." Johnson said showing some emotion.

"Bedlam is a huge deal in the state of Oklahoma. If we can pull off a victory over OU, I think a lot of people would appreciate that and look upon the program highly."

Another former walk-on, Jeremy Seaton, who also plays fullback and some tight end, agrees and definitely knows it could do a lot for this team including the issue of making a ninth straight bowl by being bowl eligible.

"It’s for sure a different game than what it has been in the past," Seaton started. "We need this game to become bowl eligible so it definitely means a little more. When we go in for preparation, it’s the same as any other week. We’re just trying to win this weekend."

There are Xs and Os involved and the skill level and athletic talent is always a factor, but more than most games, and on both sides as current OU players more readily embrace the importance of the rivalry where in years past when Oklahoma State's program was not as nationally prominent it would be downplayed. No more downplaying, in part because more players OU wanted are going to Oklahoma State like standout cornerback Kevin Peterson.

"It's huge. I had committed to Oklahoma my senior year, then I came here," Peterson said. "I've kind of just bonded to the program, it's really more what I thought was more personal for me.

"A bunch of guys know the rivalry because they have been here in years past and know how big of a game it's going to be, and so we’ve got to get everybody's mind set. It's going to be a battle from snap one to the last snap. It’s going to be really good to see how we can figure them out the whole game."

Again, figure out the whole game and it will become the stuff of legends, even with a 6-6 overall record. I'm not saying that is right, just saying it is Bedlam.



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