Weeden Excited About Bedlam, Rudolph

We caught up with former Oklahoma State quarterback Brandon Weeden on Friday as he was unloading the car back in Edmond to spend an off weekend with family and celebrate a family event. For Weeden, it's a special weekend as he will watch Saturday's Bedlam game with his family, including wife, Melanie, and their new son Cooper.

"I'm just trying to get the car unloaded and keep the little man happy," Weeden said cheerfully. "We're having a little shindig, Melanie's birthday is tomorrow, so we're having a little shindig and just trying to get home and rock and roll."

It's the Weeden's first Bedlam with Cooper? "Absolutely, we have a bunch of orange picked out and he's ready to go," the new dad said. "He's got his little Oklahoma State football and he's ready for his first Bedlam."

Weeden was also in a good mood because of the Dallas Cowboys ninth win of the season on Thursday night as they beat the Chicago Bears 41-28. Weeden said it was a decent night weather-wise for Chicago this time of year as the Cowboys had played in sub zero temperatures in Chicago last season.

"When you're on sidelines with the clipboard it still gets cold," he added.

Dallas is on the path toward at least a wild car playoff berth this season but still has critical games like Philadelphia on the road on Dec. 14 and a home game with the Colts the next week.

But this weekend is Bedlam, and Weeden said he saw the debut of freshman quarterback Mason Rudolph when his redshirt was pulled and he started against seventh-ranked Baylor. Weeden had made comments last spring about Daxx Garman and how he liked his arm and ability to really "spin" it, but seeing Rudolph he realized how far he had advanced and he too can "spin" it.

"One, I was kind of shocked that he played (losing the redshirt late in the season) but once he was out there the thing that stood out is he has made a lot of strides from the spring. He was out there in the spring when he could have been finishing high school and he looked like a high school quarterback," Weeden said.

"I think he has come a long way in a short amount of time. I think he has a bright future and he made some big plays and that bodes well for the future. I think you need to keep it simple for him and let him go out there and make plays. I was impressed for a true freshman on the road against a top-10 team. He handled himself really well."

Weeden is the last Cowboys quarterback to win Bedlam as he and his teammates clinched the Big 12 Championship at home in 2011 with a 44-10 win over OU. While Weeden had a long personal streak of touchdown passes in games he played in halted that night it was one of his best games in managing the offense and being a field general, and his most memorable moment came toward the end of the contest.

"It's just a subtle play and I handed the ball to Jeremy (Smith) and he ran it for a touchdown (37 yards)," Weeden explained. "You know again it was kind of out of reach and we had imposed our will on them and they quit. They were ready to get on the bus and go back to Norman. I kind of remembered I looked over after we scored to their guys on defense and they wanted no more of it."

Now, Weeden said there wasn't much Bedlam talk on the plane ride home from Chicago late Thursday night, but there was earlier in the day in and out between meetings and pregame meal before the win over the Bears.

"I've got a friendly bet with DeMarco (Murray) and if Oklahoma State wins he has to wear OSU gear to all the meetings next week and if OU wins I have to wear Oklahoma stuff to the meetings," Weeden said. "Tell those guys I really don't want to have to wear that OU stuff."

There you go, just another reason for the Cowboys to win Bedlam, and spare Weeden.

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