Commentary: Gundy Deserves The Support

I'm not going to make this long and I'm not going to make it personal. In fact, it has already been written this week by several posters on this site and on many others I'm sure. In the face of all the rumors and all the criticism, including that of Boone Pickens, Mike Gundy was able to fight through what has been a frustrating season in which he has been held to unrealistic expectations.

I can tell you that Gundy felt the disappointment and frustration directed at him and the program. He felt it and he tried to deal with it. At times it showed, especially with the media.

Then this week with seemingly everything boiling over, Gundy kept himself, his staff, and his team on point in the preparation for Bedlam. He kept his team believing throughout the game, and at halftime jumped into his defense hard over missed tackles.

He argued officials calls on behalf of his team and encouraged key players throughout the game. In the last minutes of regulation and in overtime his management of the game was on point and his use of timeouts early to keep OU from running off big chunks of time when they had the ball actually persevered the final opportunity that resulted in the 92-yard punt return by Tyreek Hill that tied the game and sent it to overtime.

Now, I firmly believe there are things that Gundy can improve in. He needs to bury the hatchet with some of the media (notice I said some), and be more affable and personable like we've seen and enjoyed him. Mike Gundy is really a friendly and engaging person. He needs to smile more and share himself a little more with those Oklahoma State fans that love him.

Now the sometime critics and the all the time opponents need to come around and lighten up and show Gundy some appreciation. You wanted a big Bedlam win and Gundy and Company delivered. Give the credit, enjoy it, and embrace the coach that you really should want leading this program as it climbs back into competing for Big 12 championships and a spot in the College Football Playoff.

By the way, this team started 18 freshmen, redshirt freshmen, and sophomores at one point this season, including quarterback Mason Rudolph.

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