From The Coordinator: Huskies Impress Spencer

Oklahoma State defensive coordinator Glenn Spencer took a break from football with the Cowboys off day on Sunday. He and his wife, Jeannine Edwards of ESPN sideline fame, were at the OSU basketball game with nationally ranked Maryland. You don't have to tell Spencer twice where the Cowboys TicketCity Cactus Bowl opponent Washington Huskies gets its offensive pedigree from.

The Cowboys defensive coordinator hasn't started watching video of Boise State from the crazy and wild trick play days of current Washington head coach Chris Pedersen, but he's seen plenty of that same wild and crazy formations and schemes throughout this season from the purple and gold.

"I tell you, more than anybody this year we have tackle over, unbalanced, we have quad sets (four receivers to one side), we have empty with five receivers, lots of motion," Spencer listed in going through the diversity of the Huskies offense.

"It is a circus trying to get lined up with all their formations. Then after that, good skill kids and it's a lot of smoke and mirrors. They do it well and it messes up your fits in the run game and diverts your eyes from where they need to be."

The new term is "eye candy" and the Huskies will provide plenty of it as they have had an up and down season on offense, averaging 30.8 points per game and just over 390 yards of offense a game. The numbers have been both higher and lower than the average and rarely right around the numbers.

Oklahoma State is a little lower in both with 27.4 points per game and 371 yards of total offense. You can almost imagine the season for the Huskies as OSU has been on the same up and down roller coaster. The last three games have been strong, if not on offense at least it's been competitive, with a 27-26 last-second loss to 11th-ranked Arizona, a 37-13 win over Oregon State, and a 31-13 Apple Cup win over rival Washington State.

Spencer says the good thing is after hanging some stuff out there early the Huskies will find what they like and narrow it down.

"They'll go back after the first two series and figure out what they want to hang their hat on," Spencer added. "That's the mystery."

One of the most explosive Huskies and a guy that really helps quarterback Cyler Miles is wide receiver Jaydon Mickens. Mickens will line up in a variety of spots and do a variety of things. The junior from Dorsey High School in Los Angeles was committed to Oklahoma State at one point and Spencer remembers being out west to recruit him.

"I remember going out there and we were recruiting Seth (Jacobs) at the same time and going by his high school," Spencer said of Mickens. "We thought he was very talented and thought he was a national recruit. Now we are playing against him and he is dynamic as any player that we've faced this year."

Mickens has 72 rushing yards and 535 receiving yards this season. He was incomplete on his only pass thrown, but he can throw. He has more explosive plays than any other Husky player this season. If you want a comparison then think Josh Stewart with a little more speed.



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