When Is Sunday Really Monday?

With the Oklahoma State Cowboys playing the Washington Huskies on Friday night in the 2015 TicketCity Cactus Bowl the days get a little mixed up. During the regular season this would have been a Monday and a day off, but the Cowboys were off last week celebrating Christmas, so as the team arrived in Arizona on Saturday, then Sunday was a heavy practice day while preparing for the 8-5 Huskies.

"We had a good practice. We were able to get out here for two hours and put some quality work in," head coach Mike Gundy said after the practice at Corona del Sol High School that concluded around 2:30 p.m. (MT). "It was a beautiful day, and we were very productive."

The Cowboys worked some good on good along with their usual drills and plenty of team work for both the offense and the defense against scout teams imitating the Washington schemes.

"Last night was more of a light practice, but their focus has been good today," Gundy said of the attention to detail that he was seeing out of his team. "I think this team understands preparation, and that’s all we can really ask for as a coaching staff, in addition to preparing well, understanding the game plan in all three phases and getting the chance to play hard on game day."

The work continues with longer and more stout practices scheduled for Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday will be the usual Thursday sharpener that prepares the team overall and then Thursday is a typical day before the game light walk through.

"We put in a good workload back in Stillwater, and we still have work ahead of us, but for the most part, they understand the preparation," Gundy added.

He's also happy with the bowl organization and the opportunities his players are getting off the field on their trip.

"We’ve always thought that they need a couple of days to enjoy themselves. They’re still college students, but they still make good decisions," Gundy added. "They were able to have a good time last night and still come out and have a good practice today. They’re all excited, and they’re glad to be out here. They enjoy Arizona."

There is no scheduled team activity for tonight and the players are on their own for a free night of checking out the Phoenix area.



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