Wolford To 49ers Leaves Cowboys One Down

During an hour-long session with four beat reporters on Wednesday Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy said he was finished making staff changes for this spring. What he didn't know at that time was that recent hire Eric Wolford, former Youngstown State head coach, would soon be moving on to the San Francisco 49ers, joining the staff of new head coach Jim Tomsula.

Wolford was noticeably absent last night as the Cowboys staff was hosting recruits for dinner to start a big recruiting weekend. It turns out he had told Gundy earlier in the day of his new job and was already on his way to San Francisco to become the new assistant offensive line coach for the 49ers.

It will add the NFL to Wolford's already strong coaching resume. It also leaves Gundy looking for another assistant to add to his staff. The Wolford hire was released on footballscoop.com this morning and we had confirmed it already.

Here is the post from Footballscoop.com:
Per source, former Youngstown State head coach Eric Wolford plans to accept the assistant offensive line position with the 49ers. Wolford had just recently been announced as having accepted the tackles / tight ends position at Oklahoma State; but we understand he’s moving to San Francisco.

Gundy made his hiring philosophy during this time of year clear in that meeting the other day.

"If it's not necessary I don't think there is a reason to go and blow another guy (head coach) up recruiting wise," Gundy said of a hiring procedure he has adhered to and would leave to see become more the norm during recruiting. "And in most cases if you bring a guy in the last two weeks (of recruiting), what is he going to do for you? He doesn't have a relationship with players that you are recruiting.

"You are just going out there and taking a shot in the dark that he can win and negative recruit somebody and try and help you. We don't do that and I don't believe in it, so will he really be able to impact your recruiting and get players and students in here you want for the right reasons? Probably not. I just don't see a use in it except in this case (with Wolford and Dan Hammerschmidt) these guys were not working."

Gundy has two members of his support staff in graduate assistant Eric Henderson and director of player development Beni Tonga that are certified by the NCAA and can go on the road and assist in recruiting with the vacant staff position.

As for that hire when he makes it, Gundy clarified what he was thinking when he rearranged the staff in letting inside receivers coach Jason Ray go to bring on Wolford, who has an expertise in bigger players like tight ends, offensive line and fullbacks.

"Coach our offense. We’re having meetings now, and we’re going to determine what we’re going to do based on what we have," Gundy said of the hiring of Wolford.

I expect Gundy to hire a coach that will coach tight ends and fullbacks and possibly assist with the offensive line with current offensive line coach Bob Connelly.



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