What Can Brown Do For OSU?

We wait for a chance to talk to Louis Brown to find out exactly why the 6-6, 210-pound jumbo athlete out of Burton, Texas, decided on Oklahoma State after earlier pledging his football talents to Baylor and Texas. Brown was in Stillwater this weekend for an official visit and announced his commitment on Twitter with a picture from the locker room while wearing a number 91 OSU game jersey.

That would lead one to believe that Brown will likely be playing defensive end or maybe outside linebacker in his Cowboy future.

First, a little education as Burton, Texas and home of the Burton Panthers. The town is on state highway 290 right between Austin and Houston. This season the Panthers were 8-4 overall and 5-1 in District 13-2A Division II as they lost to Bruni 6-0 to be eliminated in the playoffs. It's hard to imagine Burton losing to anybody, much less by a 6-0 score, as Brown looks on tape like he can score on anybody.

It is freaky to see the 6-6, 210-pound Louis Brown line up in the backfield, but he rushed for over 1,000 yards this season. I saw some long distance work including an 89-yard run where he glides in front of everybody and his long stride, which gets into full gear quickly, easily keeps anybody from catching him.

His big adjustment, and he will have one, is that in Stillwater at Oklahoma State he will not be a man among boys like he has been in high school. Brown with his physical dominance that includes his size, speed, long arms, and attitude will not be overwhelming like it has been in Texas Class A and Class 2A football.

On tape he gets off any block whenever he wants. One play that is so impressive because of his laziness on the play happens near the end zone as a quarterback takes the snap. I'm not dogging him with the lazy reference. He is so physically dominant that he can come off the ball late and still make a massively impressive play.

Brown decides all of a sudden he wants to pass rush and he easily takes what the quarterback thought was a serious pass and slams it about 15 yards out of the back of the end zone. He is so dominant that you could see where he would let up just to give opposing players a chance.

His dominance in running and catching the football really tempts you to think about playing him on the offensive side of the ball, but his dominance and the impact of just his presence on defense steers you to have him over there. He is athletic enough, even at 6-6, to play a linebacker. In fact, he lined up at safety in certain situations at Burton.

I am not trying to overhype of over-promise what Louis Brown can do. Like I said, he will have a major adjustment in learning to play with talent as physically gifted and with an attitude. If he successfully does that and pays attention to what Rob Glass can do with him in the weight room with his strength and conditioning then Brown can be the kind of player that a defense is built around.

It is truly fun to think about what this Brown can do for the Cowboys in the future.

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