Who Played For Both The Patriots & Seahawks?

Former Oklahoma State quarterback Zac Robinson is in an interesting position for Super Bowl XLIX. In his first season in the NFL as a rookie in 2011 he spent training camp with the New England Patriots and the first half of the NFL season on the roster of the Seattle Seahawks. No other quarterbacks that we know of can say they played for both of those teams under their current head coaches.

"When I got the call and I was being drafted by New England and I thought that was a good possibility and when it happened I was ecstatic," Robinson said of being picked in the seventh round by the Patriots. "Once I got there you could see why they are a first-class organization. Everything is run the right way.

"How much football I learned, looking back at it now is unbelievable. Compared to other franchises as far as Xs and Os and how much you learn is amazing. Those guys (Patriot coaches) are geniuses and it all starts at the top with Coach (Bill) Belichick."

Robinson made it to the final cut at the end of training camp and New England waived him with the hope of putting him on their practice squad. That was when Seattle showed interest. Robinson, although liking the Patriots and backing up Tom Brady, thought the Seahawks were a good opportunity.

"I liked the energy of Pete Carroll and I knew the offensive coordinator and quarterback coach pretty well," Robinson theorized. "I liked the situation better for me at the time and I really enjoyed it there.

"It was two different cultures there with Pete Carroll (at Seattle) the big rah rah guy and Bill Belichick super humble and really detailed in you taking care of your job," Robinson continued. "So it is interesting to see those two teams and two coaches and styles going against each other, and I think it will be an awesome game."

Robinson was claimed in November when Seattle tried to waive him and place him on their practice squad, and he was off to Detroit for the rest of his rookie season. Starting the next season he was in Cincinnati and stayed with the Bengals until being released after being injured.

Now Robinson, after "Tommy John" surgery, is looking to make one more push to be back in the NFL.

"I had surgery back last May on my throwing elbow and basically have spent the last six to eight months rehabbing," Robinson explained. "Hopefully, I will get another shot here (at the NFL). You know being injured the last couple of years, being realistic the chances aren't great. I'm going to keep going and at least try until they kick me out."

Actually, the NFL has just announced that this spring they will conduct a couple of veteran combines that will showcase players in Robinson's situation that want to remind teams of the ability and earn a chance in minicamp or training camp.

"They have a couple of veteran combines that are coming up and I hope to get into one or more of those and get some looks," Robinson added. "If that doesn't work out then I will figure something else out."

Robinson could land a back-up role similar to Brandon Weeden in Dallas. There is a role for a solid quarterback that has been around the league and knows how things work, a player that can perform when needed but is also comfortable enough with their status and will be supportive of the starting quarterback.

Those veteran combines will be held this spring. Given the right opportunity at the right time for Robinson, as if his arm is back at full strength, he will be showing his talents alongside other former NFL players that are looking to get back in the league.

The Colorado native is now seemingly so comfortable wherever he hangs his hat. He also said that the something else could also be football. He has had success tutoring young quarterbacks and enjoys it. There is obviously a market for quarterback teachers and George Whitfield can't be the only one.

"I've been tutoring some quarterbacks and whether you're trying to make it in college or you just want to start on your J.V. team, I feel like I can help guys," Robinson said. "I've done private lessons and I've played quarterback for 20 years, so I feel the stuff I can give back to younger kids, high school and even college, would be good."

Back to the Super Bowl, who Will Robinson be rooting for?

"I'll probably root for the Patriots," Robinson said. "You know I just have so much respect for that organization and for Brady. Tommy was good to me and helped me a lot when I was there. I'd like to see them kick that "deflategate" stuff to the curb. I always like to watch Tom Brady play quarterback and see him take over games. It is a lot of fun to see."

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