Jones De-Commits, But Says OSU Still In It

We just got off the phone with Fort Bend (Bush), Texas offensive tackle Joshua Jones and he told us the rumor we'd heard was partially true. We had heard that Jones had de-committed from Oklahoma State and switched his pledge to the University of Houston. The 6-7, 285-pound Jones is a top-notch offensive tackle prospect. We thought he was right there at the top level of the OSU commitment list.

"My status, my status right now?" Jones asked. "Right now I am de-committed but I am not committed to any other school."

So, is Oklahoma State still involved? "Yes, Oklahoma State is still very involved," Jones answered.

There were all kinds of rumors swirling around the situation ranging from the departure of offensive line coach Bob Connelly from Oklahoma State to become the offensive line coach at Southern Cal, which several outlets are reporting as fact. We agree with those reports. There was definite rumors that Houston was making a strong late pitch for Jones.

When talking with Jones, we said we had called back from an earlier call where Jones had told us he would call us back because it was getting close to the kickoff of the Super Bowl. I said to Jones I thought everybody should take a break from all this and watch the game. "I agree, and I'm on my way to go watch the game right now," Jones added.

He also told us that he would keep us in the loop and let us know when he made his final decision.

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