Carson: OSU Is A Better Opportunity

Chris Carson was on his way to work out when he called this reporter around six o'clock this evening. I have no doubt that Carson puts in his share of workouts. Photos show an impressive upper body that any defender would be a little weary to tackle on a Saturday afternoon. The 6-1, 210-pound Carson prides himself on his strength and power.

Carson lists a squat max of 555 pounds, which is very impressive, to go with the bench press max of 345 pounds that explains the chest.

When asked about the reasons he decided to sign with Oklahoma State over longtime commitment Georgia, the weight room wasn't his first answer but it did come up.

"Yes, the weight room was great and it is huge," Carson said when prompted about his visit and what stood out. "It’s important to me because I do work out a lot. That was where I was going after I called you was to go work out.

"I did meet Rob Glass and I talked to him a lot when I was there. He spent a lot of time with me talking lifting. That is a big part of it for me is the physical aspect of football."

Another big part of it for Carson is moving toward his eventual goal of playing in the NFL. The first conversation that I had with him last fall, he said finding the best place to get him to the NFL was his major criteria. That never changed in the process.

"It’s a better opportunity," Carson answered saying he wasn't sure when he would sign on Wednesday but that it would be early. "I was looking for playing time right away and that is a school where I can get it. Coach (Mike) Gundy said he understands guys looking to get to the NFL."

Carson doesn't hide the goal. "Yes, the NFL next January, that is the plan to go (to OSU) and have success and then declare for the NFL Draft," he added. "That is what I would love to do."

After rushing for 994 yards on just 139 carries with nine touchdowns last season at Butler County Community College he has the tools, size, strength, speed, and vision. Oklahoma State is where he is expecting to have the opportunity. There's a line about when preparation meets opportunity. Cowboys fans have to hope that this is a perfect meeting because the result could get everybody what they are looking for.

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