Grading The Big 12 Recruiting Classes

For the next couple of days there will be all kinds of opinions on recruiting classes being thrown out by all kinds of experts. I'm not saying mine are better than anybody else's evaluations. However, I cover Oklahoma State and therefore pay very close attention to the Big 12. I also cover recruiting and pay close attention to high school football, junior college football, and recruiting overall.

I thought I would get the jump on some of the Big 12 evaluations. I won't rank the classes but instead put a grade on them and the grade is based on overall talent, premier talent, and, very vital, how that school met their needs. Good players are good to have but even better to have if you need them.

Needs: Quarterback, Wide Receiver, Linebacker
A good solid class for Baylor that hits its needs but other than Stidham, who they plucked from Texas Tech and who already has a good working knowledge of the offense at Baylor, the Bears did not get a lot of wide receivers and linebackers that would look to be ready to play immediately. Baylor is fine and this class will project well for the future.
Total Expected Signees: 19
High Impact Signees: (5) Henry Black, CB; Jarrett Stidham, QB; Dominic Desouza, OL (JC); Jamycal Hasty, RB; Blake Lynch, S

Needs: Wide Receivers, Offensive Line, Linebackers, Secondary
The Cyclones have it tough after back-to-back seasons without a bowl game and it shows up some in recruiting. They went heavy junior college and should find help on both sides of the line of scrimmage, although some of their JC signees won't be in until the summer.
Total Expected Signees: 21
High Impact Signees: (5) Desmond Tucker, DT (JC); Bobby Leath, DL (JC); Bobby McMillen, LB; Jaypee Philbert, OL (JC); Joshua Thomas, RB

Needs: Quarterback, Running Back, Wide Receiver, Offensive Line, Defensive Line, Secondary
You have to understand that an impact recruit to Kansas is very different than an impact recruit to almost the entire rest of the Big 12. New head coach David Beaty capitalized on his Texas ties and there are 18 Texans (JC and HS) in the class. This is a start, but there is a long way to go.
Total Expected Signees: 24
High Impact Signees: (6) L.B. Bates, DB (JC); Ke'aun Kinner, RB (JC); Will Smith, OL (JC); Brandon Stewart, DB (JC); Shaquille Richmond, DB, Ryan Willis, QB

Needs: Quarterback, Wide Receiver, Running Back, Defensive Line, Secondary
Another typical Bill Snyder class in that there are about eight no-name recruits that you just know Snyder and his staff found something they loved about these guys and in a couple of years they will be the instruments that K-State uses to beat a lot of teams in the league.
Total Expected Signees: 20
High Impact Signees: (6) Alex Barnes, RB; Alex Delton, QB; Kalin Heath, Ath.; Chase Johnston, LB; Reggie Walker, LB; Isaiah Zuber, WR

Needs: Wide Receiver, Tight End, Offensive Line, Linebacker, Secondary
Oklahoma really had a very good class as there are a lot of signees that they would feel are impact that we did not put down because it will take a season or two before they are ready to impact. Our definition of impact recruits is right away. A really good class that will help a lot over the next 3-5 seasons.
Total Expected Signees: 23
High Impact Signees: (8) Rodney Anderson, RB; Jamal Danley, OL (JC); Dede Westbrook, WR (JC); Ricky DeBerry, LB; Kahlil Haughton, DB; P.J. Mbanasor, DB; Arthur McGinnis, LB; Dalton Wood, TE

Needs: Running Back, Offensive Line, Defensive Tackle
The junior college class was outstanding in helping with players that can immediately jump in on the offensive line, at defensive tackle, and Chris Carson was huge for the running back position. Future needs were addressed with players in the secondary and on the defensive line. A small class but a productive looking one.
Total Expected Signees: 18
High Impact Signees: (7) Jordan Burton, StarLB (JC); Matt Kellerman, OL (JC), Brandon Pertile, OL (JC), Motekiai Maile, DT (JC); Chris Carson, RB (JC); Kevin Henry, StarLB; Bryce Balous, DB

Needs: Quarterback, Running Back, Wide Receiver, Offensive Line, Linebacker, Secondary
This is a very talented class but they may have messed up as Charlie Strong went after Texas A&M QB commit Kyler Murray and lost his pledge from QB Zac Gentry as a result. They picked up Kai Locksley, but I like Gentry better. Lots of defensive backs but not enough wide receivers. I'm not sure about some of the OL selections. I understand the talent rating, but the needs may not have been fully met.
Total Expected Signees: 26
High Impact Signees: (8) Garrett Thomas, OL; Kris Boyd, CB; John Bert, WR; Cecil Cherry, LB; DeShon Elliott, DB; Holton Hill, DB; Kirk Johnson, RB; Deandre McNeal, LB

Needs: Running Back, Offensive Line, Defensive Tackle, Linebackers
The Horned Frogs return about everybody from last season's stellar squad except the two starting defensive tackles. I wish I saw a running back that would be ready to play soon. A very much developing class over the next two seasons.
Total Expected Signees: 24
High Impact Signees: (7) DeShawn Raymond, DB; Dave Bolisomi, OL; Tipa Galea'i, DE; Breylin Mitchell, DE; J.F. Thomas, WR; Montrel Wilson, DB; Jozie Milton, DT

Needs: Quarterback, Running Back, Wide Receiver, All Defensive Positions
The Red Raiders had their quarterback ripped off by Baylor and they fell short in meeting defensive needs at the LOS. I love the running back Corey Dauphine but they needed at least one more. The shine is off Kliff Kingsbury and the recruits have noticed.
Total Expected Signees: 17
High Impact Signees: (5) Breiden Fehoko, DT; Keke Coutee, WR; Corey Dauphine, RB; D'Vonta Hilton, LB; Terrence Steele, OL.

Needs: Quarterback, Wide Receiver, Offensive Line, Linebacker, Secondary
It's a class that hit the mark and also did a good job of getting the Mountaineers back heavy and thick in the state of Florida, a must for them to get the needed speed and athletic ability to compete with the Texas heavy recruiting exploits of their Big 12 competition.
Total Expected Signees: 21
High Impact Signees: (6) Rasui Douglass, DB (JC); David Sills, QB; Tyrek Cole, CB; Jovon Durante, WR; Xavier Pegues, DE (JC); Adam Shuler, DE

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