Gundy: We Won't Engage In Negative Recruiting

There is no doubt that the 2015 recruiting season was as topsy turvy as anyone can remember in some time. The Oklaoma State Cowboys had five players come on board in the class in the last five days prior to Wednesday's National Signing Day.

Standout defensive tackle Darrion Daniels announced his commitment last Friday. Saturday night, Temple running back Jeff Carr revealed he has accepted an offer from Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy. Monday midday the crowning player in the class in Butler County C.C. running back Chris Carson switched from Georgia to Oklahoma State.

Then on signing day, Port Allen, La., lineman Marcus Keyes and Butler County C.C. cornerback Antwan Hadley both signed with Oklahoma State as surprise additions in the final 24 hours.

That is all good new for the Cowboys, but throughout the process I heard from coaches at several schools and a large number of prospects that the air was thick with negative recruiting. There were coaches out there spending as much time or more talking bad about competing schools as they were talking up their own program.

"Yeah it was," Oklahoma State Mike Gundy said of the increase of negative recruiting. "It's sad and one thing we are proud at Oklahoma State is we do the very best we can to not negative recruit and I don't negative recruit.

"When I go into a home Robert, I tell the family that I'm here to talk to you about Oklahoma State. We have brand new facilities, tremendous administration, we have great coaches, and terrific players and everything a player would need to have success at this level of football, period."

Sometimes you'll see some of the negative talk centered around schools in other conferences as we all know of the SEC pride, but there is also plenty of the mouth poison that is attacking conference rivals.

"Whether we're recruiting against a Big 12 school or West Coast or East Coast we don't have to negative recruit. I just think that turns off some players and turns off some parents," Gundy added. "We run into some schools that do that and I think, is that really what you want to do to get some kid to come to your school.

"I don't want that and I have three boys at home and if they were recruited I don't want someone coming in talking negative about another school. I want to hear about their school. At the end of the day there are positives and negatives about every school and all coaches know it and if they don't admit it then they are kidding themselves. I know that negative recruiting is out there."

Gundy made it plain that he doesn't want his coaching staff engaging in it. Honestly, hearing some of what is out there I'm surprised if the tactic continues to be that effective. The AFCA has a policy against it, but not all of its members are paying attention to it.

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