Late Addition Ready To Join Cowboys

Just a few days before signing day the Oklahoma State Cowboys lost a high school offensive linemen in Joshua Jones as the Houston-area tackle opted to stay closer and go to Houston. OSU made a late run at in-state prospect and Baylor signee Riley Daniel but that didn't work out. Then thanks to graduate assistant Eric Henderson they looked harder at Louisiana prospect in Marcus Keyes of Port Allen.

The 6-5, 270-pound Keyes had been committed for a long time to nearby Louisiana-Lafayette, but wanted to play in a power conference and felt he was good enough.

It helped that Josh Henson had evaluated Keyes for Missouri and offered a scholarship. The word was Missouri was too far from home for mom, but Oklahoma State was okay. Thus started a mad final 24 hours of recruiting.

"I thought I was over the recruiting process but as soon as my coach came down to my classroom door and he asked my teacher if he could speak with me," Keyes recounted of first hearing about the Cowboys as a signing day choice. "He said, 'You are not going to believe this. Oklahoma State just offered you.' I was like, 'What? What?'

"I like Oklahoma State and sure enough I was ready to commit here and I was ready to sign with Oklahoma State."

Keyes is one heckuva final week addition to the class. When you watch him on tape, you see a strong, athletic competitor that looks like he will do just fine in the Big 12. He will tell you loads about how playing both ways is a plus.

"When you play on both sides as an offensive linemen you have to be really smart and everything," Keyes started explaining. "That helps me on my defense and stuff because I see what they are doing when they snap the ball and I can read the offense better. I keep my eyes on the ball and my opponent. On defense you are playing faster and more instinctive and that helps me on offense because I push myself to play faster."

He may have changed his commitment away from the Ragin Cajuns but you can take the man out of Cajun country but not the Cajun country out of the man. Red beans and Rice is his favorite dish.

"After talking with Coach Mike Gundy he told me that I could bring all my recipes and one of the chefs could cook those up for me and my teammates," Keyes added.

All of those Cajun dishes tend to be high in protein, so bring them on. I'm pretty sure he will have some teammates that will like some of the home cooking that Keyes brings to Cowboy country.

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