Is Chambers The Best Defensive End In Texas?

Florida State offered earlier today and beside Oklahoma State the list includes the likes of Baylor, Michigan State, Mississippi, Oregon, Texas A&M, and so many other top Division I schools are pursuing Isaiah Chambers. The object of their pursuit for the 2016 recruiting class is not even 17-years-old yet.

Chambers, out of Aldine MacArthur, is a lot of fun to watch. Remember that candy, pop rocks? My kids used to love them because they literally exploded in your mouth each time you put them in. Chambers explodes off the ball and often times into opponent's backfield each time the ball is snapped.

I saw offensive tackles, guards coming around, fullbacks, tight ends, and even running backs try their hand and his hands were quicker as were his feet.

The 6-4, 240-pound Chambers is extremely athletic and the concern for opponents is that his use of hands is really good, his feet are really good, and he can explode into tackles. The possible weakness he has is that he may not be fully developed from a strength standpoint, but he will be and that won't be fun for anybody standing in his way.

His take off is really good and he seems to do well in reading pass and run. He stays aggressive with either, but rarely over commits himself, which really good and explosive athletic players often do.

His discipline is good. I saw him on several plays in the games I watched resist temptation to go deeper and kept his side and containment and on several of those plays he was rewarded as the ball carrier came back to him. Like I said, he reacts well and even when he doesn't showed good recovery after a back would wrong foot him, he had the ability to lunge back and still make the play. He is also relentless as he had several plays pass by him but he stayed with it and on a few occasions he was able to get to the ball and make the play.

Another aspect of his play that I really liked was that he kept his base. Unless he had to leave his feet or go off balance to finish a tackle, he kept a good base and that allowed him to move either direction and made it difficult on runners and quarterbacks to buy an extra second to get the ball off or get buy him. That base serves you so well. It is another aspect of his discipline. My guess is he has had some really good fundamental coaching through his career.

Last season he earned Class 6-A All-State honors from the Associated Press and just recently the Texas Sportswriters Association. He was the Defensive MVP in District 18-6A. There are plenty of reasons why Oklahoma State and all of those other top schools have acted quickly in making Chambers a focal point of their 2016 recruiting.

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