Tyrell Alexander Has Plenty Of Talent

On our Oklahoma State Target List we have Tyrell Alexander of Lancaster, Texas listed as a cornerback and athlete. For the Tigers this past season he made more headlines on offense at quarterback and wide receiver but honestly he is capable of playing anywhere he would like as a skill player.

The 6-1, 177-pound Alexander has speed, the ability to move well both front, back, and side-to-side. The best example of that we saw in a playoff game against Dallas South Oak Cliff as he does his best impression of a "Barry Sanders run."

Alexander probably covered close to 100 yards of ground while gaining around 50 yards. He had a burst into the open field but was caught in traffic twice and the Golden Bears defenders couldn't get a hand on him as he maneuvered his way out of two jams before kind of running out of juice in a third jam at the 30-yard line.

I can see with his athletic ability how he would make for a really outstanding cornerback, especially standing 6-1. He throws well enough to be dangerous when you combine his run ability.

He turns the corner beautifully as he has that really good gear in the forward and just a little sideways mode. He also has really good vision and that is what allows him to avoid a lot of traffic and then get out of it when he lands in the middle of it. I also like his balance and in traffic he does show some tough running.

Baylor, Texas Tech and West Virginia join Oklahoma State as Big 12 teams that have offered a scholarship and SMU and Tulsa are also already on his dance card. I can see him playing offense or defense.

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