Carson's Maturing Moment Was House Fire?

One of the highlights of the Oklahoma State 2015 recruiting class is Butler County C.C. and Georgia native running back Chris Carson. The 6-1 1/2, 214-pound Carson is sturdy built, powerful, fast, and explosive. The OSU staff is looking forward to working with him and seeing him use his talents next fall.

If you have not already read it, you should get a copy of the Tulsa World sports page from Thursday, Feb. 19, and check out Bill Haisten's story on Carson. Haisten went to El Dorado, Kan., to sit down with Carson, and also watched him work out in one of his two-a-day strength and conditioning sessions.

Haisten said Carson was a good interview and made him laugh a few times. He also said he understood why Carson politely declined to be on the radio with me on signing day.

"He's really kind of a quiet and shy person," Haisten said. "He is not one of those guys that looks to be the center of the attention. He seems like a player that wants to do his job and then go back to being just one of the guys."

On his late switch to Oklahoma State from his long-time commitment to home state Georgia, Carson told Haisten, "I called my mom and told her how I felt about Oklahoma State," Haisten wrote. "She told me that I had to do what was best for me.

"After that I called (Georgia assistant) to explain what was going on, and then I called coach Singleton (OSU running backs coach Jemal Singleton) and told him about my decision."

Carson, who rushed for 994 yards and nine touchdowns in what was described as a passing offense at Butler last season, has made no secret of how he would like to move on to the NFL as soon as possible.

Sometimes you see that and it causes you to think of some money hungry player, but again, seeing Carson in person allowed Haisten on the inside of why Carson has those thoughts.

"It was December of 2013 and his family was asleep and Carson said he was watching TV," Haisten explained of a life-shaping moment. "He said he heard a cracking noise in the kitchen and went and saw a red glow and then saw the back door was fully engulfed. It had gone up the wall and to the attic and when it does that, it's never good.

"He got his family out but the house didn't burn down but there was extensive damage and since then they have kind of been shuffled around."

In the story, it finishes with Carson's thoughts including his sincere desire to help his family out. "He's not a guy that wants to make some kind of hot tub announcement that he is going to the NFL," Haisten added. "He wants to get to the NFL and help his family out."

It's a good story with some really good insight on Chris Carson. It will make you want to cheer for him on his way in the door and maybe even cheer for him to be good enough to not stay as long as a Cowboy fan might normally want him to be around and hope he is in the NFL that much faster.

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