Team Glidden vs. Team Ogbah For Title

The annual battle within the team for supremacy on Tuesday's competition day and the tournament that leads into spring football is set with Team Glidden battling Team Ogbah next week for the championship.

Tuesday's semifinals were heated and very competitive as they featured team captains on offense and defense battling each other.

Senior inside receiver David Glidden's team battled senior quarterback J.W. Walsh's team in one semifinal. The other semifinal was all defense with senior defensive end Emmanuel Ogbah leading his group versus senior middle linebacker Ryan Simmons.

I caught up with the offensive battle over on the power events of weighted sled pull and tractor tire flip. Team Walsh actually came out ahead in the first event with junior college transfer defensive tackle Motekaia Maile posting a win to give Team Walsh the lead, and then in a battle of punters Matt Hockett finished just ahead of Zach Sinor to complete the event with Team Walsh up 4-2.

The tire flip was a different story with Team Glidden going unbeaten in the event, including a matchup to get started that featured two quarterbacks as Walsh and a teammate lost to a Glidden pair that included quarterback Daxx Garman. Another impressive win for Team Glidden was engineered by the tandem of Brandon Sheperd and Darius Curry.

The next event for the two teams went to speed and agility with the 20- and 60-yard shuttles. The two teams tied on the short shuttle but Team Glidden won the longer shuttle competition 4-2 and was starting to pull away to their eventual victory with a 17-9 lead.

We caught up with the defensive captains and their teams on the tug-of-war and those two four-man tugs were split evenly with a group of skill players taking the first heat for Team Ogbah.

Then in the second heat the two captains were involved as the battle went on for some time with the Big 12 sacks leader Ogbah yelling at himself and his teammates not to give ground, but standing alongside Simmons on the other side of the rope was fellow defensive end Jimmy Bean, and the foursome of Simmons, Bean, and two other pullers got the win.

Those two teams went to one-on-one tug device and Owasso wide receiver Cole Neph won a struggle with Caleb Muncrief. Team Simmons also had success as the two teams remained tied with Simmons going head-to-head with tight end Zac Veatch and Jimmy Bean winning a real long battle with offensive guard Jesse Robinson.

In the end it was Team Ogbah using the bag drills, obstacle course, and shuttles to edge Team Simmons. Next week, offense meets defense in both the championship and the third-place battle as Team Ogbah will battle Team Glidden for the title and Team Simmons goes against Team Walsh for third place.

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