Gundy Says OSU Fans Should Be Excited

This is part two of our interview with Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy from Friday morning's Triple Play Sports Radio's Sports Talk with Robert Allen and Friends with a continuation of an answer.

The Cowboys head coach broke off about a 10-minute soliloquy on the process and the hiring of the three new full-time coaches and the two ground-breaking analysts. We pick it up here in part two with him discussing the hiring of analysts Bill Clay and Darrell Wyatt.

Gundy: We were able to, I guess kind of the business side of it, Coach Holder and I were able to get Bill Clay and Darrell Wyatt to join our staff and those guys will each work on their side of the football and do film breakdown, opponent preparation, study the details of the game from punts, stunts, blitzes, third and long, third and medium, formation, tendencies.

Bill Clay has been around and forgotten more football than most of us know. (He has) no ego at all and great personality. Looking forward to having him around and helping me at different staff meetings and different things that happen with all of his knowledge and experience. He is very young with the way he carries himself and acts. Looking forward to seeing what he can bring to Glenn Spencer and that side of the ball.

Then Darrell Wyatt, and I'm not sure there is anybody in this part of the country that knows more about the state of Texas and recruiting, the high school coaches, and the way things work.

You are talking about a guy that has coached at Oklahoma State, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and he knows the people and the personnel in this league and studies, he is really a football junkie. He studies the game and knows as much about it as anybody and we were lucky he was still out there. I would suspect that in a year he will be back in the coaching ranks. For whatever reason he had not been picked up at this time.

So, I approached Coach (Holder) about taking advantage of bringing in guys that have so much knowledge about what goes on in the state of Texas and invaluable to us in what he (Wyatt) and Clay bring to the table. You know if you kind of take the Sam Presi attitude of the (Oklahoma City) Thunder we were able to get five guys really for three and we couldn't be more excited about what they bring to the table.

We will have all of those guys here by Sunday with maybe the exception of Bill Clay, and will begin work on Monday and we have a lot of work to do as we get started with spring football March 9. I'm really excited and I think it is great for Oklahoma State football.

RA: You mention trend setting and I think it is great that Coach Holder let you do something like this that hadn't been done before here or in the Big 12. Last night I researched this and I found Alabama had eight football analyst on its staff. What you are doing is really taking some concepts that have been explored in the SEC and bringing them into the Big 12.
Gundy: It's very common in the SEC and, as you know, the SEC is the richest conference in our country and they have more money. Alabama has had a number of these guys for years and they continue to grow. Other schools have them and are taking advantage of a loop hole that allows coaches to come in and be a part of your organization and add their experience and knowledge of the game.

It is another set of eyes in a lot of the things that we do here. They have been ahead of the game and part of that is the importance of football and part of it is they have an open checkbook down there. I'm not sure that anybody in this league has hired guys like Darrell and Bill like we have but it is certainly and advantage for us.

It is going to grow and in two or three years you will see schools in this part of the country will have two, three, four, or five guys doing this. Essentially what you do is you break it up and it is less work for your staff when they are working 16-hour days and you are in the eighth-, ninth-, 10th-week of the season and you don't function mentally, physically as well as a coach you have someone there that can help you with ideas, help push you over the top and win a game at a key point in the season.

RA: You've lost coaches in bowl season and sometimes you've lost coaches during recruiting, now with Bill Clay and Darrell Wyatt you have two guys that could plug in virtually anywhere and pick up with no lost time or momentum. How much is it a comfort to have those guys if you have to change on the fly?
Gundy: No question, and these guys understand the rules and they can take the rules test and pass it. We are going to have success here and win and when that happens guys are going to get opportunities to further their career as a coordinator or head coach like Jemal Singleton just did. He rolled out of here to be a full-time special teams coordinator, so if we were in the recruiting season we could put one of those guys on the road and you're not one short.

I am much more comfortable with doing that than trying to run out and grab a coach as fast as I can to make it happen when two things could work against us. One, we might not know him unless I had worked with him or somebody I know well had and then two, he might not be the right fit. You move fast in those situations in most cases then you can make mistakes. What you brought up is exactly right.

I think in the years to come in the future you are going to see more guys added to staffs that fit that role and if you have those guys and you know them and you like them then they can slide into a full-time position. Instead of being out there looking and searching you have the guy right there.

What it is, Robert, is that college football in these big conferences whether we like it or not, whether fans like it or not, whether administrations like it or not, is turning into the NFL. There is so much money being generated and all these coaches are overpaid. It's never going to stop and the thing is you see all these guys, young guys show up as head coaches and coordinators in the NFL now.

Those guys have been in those organizations, involved with their system and their coaching staffs since their early 20s. They start out as video guys, go to quality control, which is basically like being a GA (graduate assistant) in the NFL, then a position is open and that coach out there with a professional team knows he can go out there and find a wide receivers coach or I can promote this guy that I've known for four years and has been in our system and he knows my terminology and I like him, I trust him, and he's a hard worker and I'm going to hire him. That is how you see all these young coaches show up in the NFL because they joined at a young age as what would be comparable to an analyst.

RA: We heard that coach Adkins was really one of those blow away interviews?
Gundy: The coaches that we interviewed and there were a couple of coaches that we interviewed that we didn't hire for different reasons. The one thing that I enjoyed during this process was we got a lot of information from some really good coaches and everyone of them that we interviewed was very deserving of coming here whether it didn't work out for them and they didn't want to come here or it didn't work financially or we need to go a different direction based on what we needed.

He fell into that category in that he is a guy that takes control and it didn't take long before you're thinking this guy knows a lot of football. It is a very encouraged and exciting time for me and our staff and it should be for the Oklahoma State fans. We have a lot of class guys that know a lot of football and recruiting. I really believe that the continuity in the staff will be very strong because the personalities are all very similar across the board.

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