Harris Is One Of The Real Buzz Guys In Dallas

I've been to more than a few events like Sunday's Nike The Opening Dallas Regional, and some of the other recruiting media know that I'm from Oklahoma. So when a player comes out of the state they don't know much about then I typically get asked. It didn't take long after I arrived at Arlington Lamar's Craven Field to start getting questions on Heritage Hall offensive lineman Luther Harris.

The 6-5 Harris helped block the Chargers to the Oklahoma Class 3A state championship last season. He was close to 360 pounds then but it is quickly apparent that Harris has re-shaped his body and looks to be down around 310 to 315 pounds.

"My plan was to just, before this (event), to train on my agility and my speed and trying to get my weight down more, so I could get my foot speed down," Harris said. "My forty was all right, my power ball was pretty good, and my shuttle was pretty good but it could have been better, way better but I tried my hardest."

Then the telling tale of the day for Harris, who while not getting an invitation to The Opening yet, remains in contention as he was one of the top five offensive linemen. In his one-on-one with Fort Bend (Hightower), Texas standout Darius Anderson he clearly won once with a punch that put Anderson on the ground. Anderson got him once with a bull rush and then Harris fought off a rip move and took Anderson on by the imaginary quarterback. Harris was pleased to be recognized as one of the best.

"It was a surprise to me too," he said acknowledging the competition was so plentiful and so good. "There is some big, tall, fast guys out here, some pretty good players."

As for recruiting, Harris does not have an offer yet. He does have a favorite in-state and it is not the Oklahoma State Cowboys.

"Well, my main school that I am looking at right now is OU," Harris said. "That is where I want to go, but if another school comes around and offers a scholarship then I've just gotta go with them, go where the scholarship is."

Asked about the reasons for his preference, Harris responded, "I grew up an OU fan. Yes, my heart was broken when they got beat by OSU," Harris said of the last Bedlam football contest but pointed out he had a highlight in Stillwater after that when the next weekend Heritage Hall won its title over Cushing at Pioneer Stadium. "That was a good feeling in Stillwater. I've won a championship in middle school, and now in high school, and I'm just trying to keep it up in college."

Harris keeps working the way he is then he won't have to worry about scholarship offers because there will be plenty, and his school of choice will begin working on keeping that Harris championship streak alive.

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