Kendell Jones Is Star At Dallas Regional

"Hey, you guys if you want to get autographs, and you should, Kendell Jones is going to be around for awhile after we're through," Brian Stumpf said at the end of Nike's The Opening Dallas Regional on Sunday at Arlington Lamar's Craven Field. The 6-4 1/2 and roughly 330-pound Jones is not related to the Kendell Jones that was at The Opening in Oregon last summer and signed with Mississippi State.

That Jones is 6-4 and 258 pounds and not as big as the beast of Sunday's linemen competition that earned MVP camp honors and an invitation to The Opening coming up this summer. Jones was part of a record 13 invites to the event, the most from any single regional trial since Nike began doing the event.

No kidding about the autograph because as soon as the linemen reported on Sunday morning other players were pointing and seeking out Jones to check him out closer. I told good friend and former Tomball High School head coach and Oklahoma State assistant Tommy Kaiser that he was the first player that I had seen that I felt physically could skip high school and play in the NFL.

His forty was reported to be just under five flat and I saw his shuttle and he was excellent on his feet. I would estimate it was in the 4.7 range. During one-on-one he dominated and showed the best rip move of the day coming underneath the blocker and taking an inside path to the imaginary quarterback that would not have allowed for time to release the ball.

It was hard to get time with Jones as he was as popular with the recruiting media as he was with everybody else in the camp. I caught up with him by the Scout tent where he had done a video interview and was taking some pictures. He was already well aware of how well it was going for him and how popular he was.

"Yes sir, I've kind of figured that out," Jones said laughing.

As for recruiting he has good number of offers. But honestly I expect that to explode after word of this weekend's event gets around. Actually, he is fine with his recruiting thus far.

"Everything is going swell and I'm going to look into setting up some visits with my forward schools like Arkansas and try to get to Oregon," he said. "Oklahoma State has contacted me on Twitter and I'm interested."

Kendell Jones could wind up being the absolute number one prospect in the entire 2016 recruiting class nationwide.

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