Starkel Looks Good At Dallas Regional

There are some that believe Liberty Christian quarterback Nick Starkel is a solid lean to Oklahoma State. If that is true, then the Cowboys can feel good about it. Starkel is a good-looking prospect who is easily 6-3 and his frame may have filled out some from the listed 175 pounds. He is an engaging young man that makes friends easy and has no trouble talking to coaches and fellow players.

"I'm a very friendly person," Starkel said before throwing on Sunday. "I'm not closed off and I'm very open with people."

He's open about this competition and how much it means to him. Starkel, who had his season end early at Liberty Christian in Argyle, competed well on Sunday and in our eyes would have been the second quarterback invited if they had invited two. He is still in the running to receive an invitation.

In the pressure chamber at the end he was 4-of-5 passing with one play a down that he tucked the ball and ran with no receiver open. That can be a decision rewarded by Elite 11 coach and former NFL Super Bowl-winning quarterback Trent Dilfer.

"The Elite 11? This is one of the top things, top of my list," Starkel said on Sunday. "I'm probably going to go to three camps and work really hard to get invited. This is huge, top quarterbacks in the country are the only one that go through here. You look at all the names like Andrew Luck, all these guys that are through here. It is definitely the elite."

He doesn't play another sport. In fact, he said the day before the competition in Arlington he was at home working out with a former teammate in current Cowboys center Brad Lundblade.

"Just working out, I had a good workout yesterday getting ready for this event," Starkel said. "Brad Lundblade, the center for Oklahoma State, was actually out there snapping to me and a couple of my friends and I got some good work in and I'm ready to compete."

As for Oklahoma State as his perceived leader by some, Starkel will be heading to Stillwater this spring and he really is proud of what his former center is doing.

"He's loving it up there and he is getting a lot of reps with the first team, and with his leadership ability I can see him being the starter," Starkel said.

"It is a great place up there. I'm definitely going to make a decision in a summer time frame and before the season starts. I really like Oklahoma State and I'm going to be up there March 30th, I think. I'll be there for a practice and to see Brad and to hang out."

Last season before his injury he completed 106-of-160 passes for 1,609 yards with 19 touchdown passes and only four interceptions. All good numbers, and there is no doubt that Starkel can express himself with his play and with his leadership too.

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