Hill Says OSU Prepared Him For Hollywood

Calling a shoot a lot like a game day, former Oklahoma State Cowboys wide receiver Anthony Hill continues to push every day to make it in the dog eat dog world of Hollywood. Hill made another major network appearance in a television series on Monday night when he played Tech Marder, a comms operator during a rescue operation on the new CBS hit drama Scorpion.

Hill has also appeared on the mega CBS hit series NCIS as Navy Petty Officer 3rd Class John Blaney Hicks.

"I just finished doing that short (movie) The Pipeline and that will be coming out at the end of the year, if not 2016. Those projects are quite a process," Hill said in an interview on Tuesday on Triple Play Sports Radio. "Up next I just had a call back audition for a show on NBC called End Game and it takes place in Las Vegas and it is quite an interesting show and I should hear today or tomorrow on that so I have my fingers crossed.

"It is very competitive out here and you can't go anywhere without running into another actor or somebody in the industry. Everybody has a side job where they are actually pursuing acting. The pool is very large out here from big fish to small fish and everything in between. You have to have the confidence to know that you are able to be working and to work well."

Hill arrived at Oklahoma State from Coffeyville (Kansas) Community College after one year being out of Shawnee Mission South High School where he had a strong prep football career.

He played three season at Oklahoma State and lettered in 2010 with a big catch against Tulsa. He was an excellent student and also very involved in projects and service in the community. He commitment and dedication have served him well in his acting career and he says so has his Oklahoma State background.

"I studied acting at Oklahoma State and I was familiar with the business and I was pretty comfortable with it," Hill explained. "I know Hollywood is a big step from theater at Oklahoma State but I think I had the preparation that I needed, not just with the theater down there but with sports as well.

"It actually has played hand and hand in preparing me for the mental game that Hollywood can be. Athletic and acting are very comparable and it is actually scary and I didn't realize it until coming out here that when it comes to training and how it flows into performing the two are very similar.

"With football you practice every day, watch video, have weightlifting and conditioning and you are preparing throughout the week to perform on Saturday. A scrimmage in football is a lot like an audition in acting. With acting you take classes throughout the week and participate in workshops and then you read for parts and that is like a scrimmage.

"With the workshops you are working with other actors and directors and producers that are helping you with what is expected on major TV shows and movies. You are studying to see what is successful to get these parts at that major level of the business. The audition is showing the producers and directors that you are the right guy for the job like in a scrimmage in football you are showing the coach that you are the right guy to start at wide receiver on Saturday. Then when you have a shoot that is like a game."

Hill also said he was surprised what a major production each taping or filming is. That is also comparable to football and sports.

"I couldn't believe how many people were involved and it is like a team and each person has their role and what they do is there to make the team better," Hill added. "It is incredible and there are coaches and managers and trainers and players and everybody has to be ready to do their job well in order for the team or the show to succeed.

"A Saturday in college football is like a shoot day in acting and you have to be ready and be confident to do your job. Again, I'm happy I had the preparation at Oklahoma State to be prepared to do what I do know in Los Angeles."

Hill said he still follows OSU football and he was really excited when he had his role on NCIS to see that one of the characters in the show was portrayed as having graduated from Oklahoma State and they had OSU memorabilia at her desk on the show.

"I felt like I was back at Oklahoma State and I was proud," Hill said. "I need to get back and you told me that they have seven home games this season. I'm going to look into that because I'd like to come back."

The roles have been smaller so far but it would seem Hill is on the verge of getting bigger parts and it would be great to see him back as OSU is always proud of their own, especially since Hill, unlike the character in NCIS Ellie Bishop, Hill really is an Oklahoma State graduate.

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