Top Cowboys Of Spring; Major Mistake By ESPN

How about this headline to what otherwise was a good story that former Oklahoman and OSU beat writer Brandon Chatmon wrote for the ESPN Big 12 blog, "Emmanuel Ogbah's Decision to Return Could Really Pay Off for Oklahoma State Sooners. That's right, the worldwide leader's blog made the worst mistake that a sports source can in addressing the Cowboys as Sooners, and it was on the site for 12 hours.

That kind of mistake is tough to stomach in Cowboy country. Now Jake Trotter of the same blog site also continued his spring series of trying to pick the top 10 players at each school. His Oklahoma State list is as follows:
1. Emmanuel Ogbah, DE
2. Kevin Peterson, CB
3. Mason Rudolph, QB
4. Brandon Sheperd, WR
5. Jordan Sterns, FS
6. Zach Crabtree, RT
7. Ryan Simmons, MLB
8. James Washington, WR
9. Seth Jacobs, WLB
10. J.W. Walsh, QB

I usually love to tear up stories by Trotter. He and I once had a lively debate in Phoenix over some football issue. He is a little bit cocky and I could tell he was wanting to stick it to me because of my unique "homer" relationship to covering Oklahoma State.

I have to congratulate Trotter in this exercise as his list is really good. Jordan Sterns is the one that I thought would trip him up, but he was watching the Cowboys more closely than I thought he was. Walsh should be higher on the list. Following spring the list will need to change to reflect some of the new players like starting left tackle and UAB major college transfer Victor Salako. However, it is a good list.

Now, one of my listeners on Triple Play Sports text me during the Friday show and challenged me to list 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15. I can do that and will do it here for the entertainment and information for all of you. Jake Trotter too. By the way, we will use established players only and continue to wait on adding the newcomers and transfer and blending them into the list.

11. David Glidden, IR
He could or could not qualify for this list based on whether you are accepting injured players or not. Glidden is sitting out the spring following shoulder surgery but his clutch ability to catch the football and also block on offense as well as contribute to special teams makes him a very well rounded player. There were times he was the only receiver that seemingly could make plays last season.

12. Jimmy Bean, DE (pictured above)
Bean is going into his senior season and he has been a steady contributor and will return as a starter this fall. He didn't get the publicity of Ogbah last season, but had 42 tackles, 3.5 sacks, and 3 forced fumbles. He also should have got some assists on some other sacks for applying pressure from the opposite side.

13. Vili Leveni, DT
He was originally recruited as a defensive end but now at 6-3, 290 pounds he makes a very active and athletic defensive tackle. As a back-up DT last season he had 16 tackles, 4.5 tackles for loss, and a sack. Good numbers and those will improve with more time this season. High energy guy that will also serve as a leader on the defense.

14. Blake Jarwin, FB/TE
This could also be Jeremy Seaton as he does the same things but is sitting out spring with some back issues. Jarwin has done the work in the Rob Glass offseason program as he has a six pack going and is strong and athletic. He became a more often used receiver at the end of the season and in the bowl game. He is also a very good blocker and a big contributor to special teams. At 6-5, 242 pounds, he is a big target for Rudolph or Walsh to aim at.

15. Jesse Robinson, OG
He is a masher on the offensive line and it was when he was injected into the line-up at Baylor last season that the offensive line seemed to surge. At 6-6, 310 pounds, he is really big and he is also very athletic for that size. Keep an eye on Robinson as he will just get better.

Also considered:
Rennie Childs, RB - Having a good spring and trimmed down to 200 and ran a 4.41 in testing.
Keenen Brown, WR - Great size and really emerging at receiver.
Jhajuan Seales, WR - Needs to get his consistency back.
Justin Phillips, LB - Young and big hitter.
Devante Averette, LB - Needs to play like he did last season before injury.
Ashton Lampkin, CB - Another that is back from injury and really talented and fast.
Ramon Richards, CB - Learned a lot filling in for Lampkin last season.
Ben Grogan, PK - One of the best kickers in the Big 12 despite nagging hip injury and is now completely healthy.

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