What You Will, And Won't See At Orange Blitz

With TCU on Friday night, then Oklahoma and Iowa State on Saturday joining Baylor and TCU as the Big 12 football teams that have staged their spring game and either completely finished spring practice or will soon with a practice or two, here is what you might be able to expect to see and not see Saturday at Boone Pickens Stadium for the Oklahoma State Orange Blitz-Spring Game.

A meeting was held, as we mentioned the other day, where Mike Gundy, Director of Football Operations Mack Butler, Senior Associate Athletic Director Kevin Klintworth, various other athletic department staff, and radio play-by-play announcer Dave Hunziker and Cowboy Sports General Manager Kip Racy all attended and discussed the plans for Saturday.

From a football standpoint, Gundy gave his description of what the football team will do on Friday before his team scrimmaged in front of T. Boone Pickens and the media.

"Everybody is looking forward to our spring game," Gundy said. "We're still going to be able to divide up teams and put on a good show for the fans and let the players play. We're hoping to get about 50 or 60 reps in our spring game.

"As of now, we have two offensive lines and that is important. It is hard to run players back and forth into different jerseys and it's not much fun. Right now we have two sets of wideouts that we can split up. We are in decent shape in the defensive line, and so we need two really good practices next week and then we will divide them up and have some fun and let the fans see a good game next Saturday."

We'll attempt to translate what that means and throw some exact expectations on the Orange Blitz.

What You Will See at the Orange Blitz
*** A comprehensive show on the video boards with radio color analyst John Holcomb hosting and lots of Mike Gundy and even other coaches and players commenting during the one hour to one and a half hour the event will last.

*** You will see Mason Rudolph start at quarterback with one team and J.W. Walsh start with the other team.

*** The running backs, receivers, and Cowboys backs (Gundy's new term for fullbacks and tight ends) will be split equally between the two teams.

*** You will see base runs and base passes, but plenty of deep balls. Gundy knows fans love the deep balls and there is less shown in route combinations when you are throwing verticals. Expect a big catch or two by James Washington as he is good for at least one every day.

*** You will see some trick plays on offense, likely a double pass and a flea flicker for sure.

*** On defense you will see lots of speed and lots of physical play especially from the cornerbacks and the linebacker corps. We would expect you would see at least two sacks (which will be touches) from Big 12 leader Emmanuel Ogbah.

What You Won't See at the Orange Blitz
*** You will not see a special package of plays for J.W. Walsh or see Walsh and Rudolph in on offense at the same time.

*** You will see a limited amount of Rennie Childs and Todd Mays at running back. Mays has been out of practice but could be back this week and with he and Childs there is no reason to put them in harm's way. Raymond Taylor, Caleb Muncrief, Corey Bennett, and Keegan Metcalf are all good and have been getting practice reps.

*** Very little, if any, special teams as punter is a position still being competed on and kicker Ben Grogan is still rehabbing from surgery. You might even see two point conversions instead of PAT kicks.

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