One Prospect Visits On Monday

He is a big one too. Offensive tackle Michael Wilson of Round Rock, Texas was in Stillwater with his father at Oklahoma State's Monday practice. Wilson is not to be confused with the Michael Wilson out of Aledo, Texas that is a junior for next fall and is slated to start at left guard. That Wilson is good size at 6-6, 305 pounds, but this younger Wilson is even bigger, at least taller.

The 2016 offensive tackle prospect is 6-8 and listed at anywhere between 300 and 320 pounds. Eyeballing him today, I would guess he's right around 310 pounds.

Wilson played right tackle last season for the Dragons and he is impressive in action. To start with, his arms are really long and that makes for effective distance in pass protection as he can make contact, keep contact, and in the case of losing it he can come back and regain it quickly. He is really a good downfield blocker for being 6-8. He moves well and those arms help in that regard as well.

He loses players sometimes with his feet and while they move really well at times, sometimes he gets hung up a little. Several times in that situation he never quit on the play and would still come back to get his man or make a block on another player. That is admirable.

The other strong advantage I saw out of Wilson's play was on his opportunities to block down on run plays he is capable of caving in the onside of the defensive line for an off-tackle run and boy, when he does, is that pretty.

Wilson shows recruiting interest from North Texas and Oklahoma State, but no offers so far. College coaches show that they crave 6-7 to 6-4 offensive line prospects, but some feel that taller than 6-7 can be a problem. My feeling is it is based on the individual and I like what I see out of Wilson.

He also seemed to be very attentive and engaged in watching the Cowboys practice.

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